PlayStation Portal review: impressive hardware but is Remote Play itself good enough?

Eurogamer: "On the hardware side, Sony has delivered a good piece of kit - but hopefully we'll see improvements and new features added further on down the line."

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Eonjay142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

Fortunately you don't have to be in the dark. Download the Remote Olay app and test your network out for free.

DogJosha142d ago

Until I can use remote play over my local network on PC, I won't consider getting the portal. Fix it on PC to give me the confidence that it will be worth getting a standalone device for it...

Profchaos142d ago

That would entirely depend on you and your appetite for upgrading your home network

darthv72141d ago

one of the easiest home network upgrades I did was switching to a mesh wifi setup. Took all of about 5 minutes and man does it make one hell of a difference.

DogJosha141d ago

It has nothing to do with my network. The PC version forces an internet connection instead of just connecting through your home network. It is a terrible setup.

Profchaos141d ago

Maybe it's worth checking your Nat settings and running a packet trace maybe you're on different vlans or have some sort of firewall between internal networks as the app sould only go to the internet if and when it can't resolve the console internally

andy85142d ago

It'd be much better if it had a way to access an app store. There's an unofficial PS remote play app I use which is absolutely flawless.

Profchaos142d ago

App uses the same protocols the only reason most people's go the unofficial route is to use unsupported controllers like cheap mobile gamepads or Xbox controllers.

Performance wise I'd be surprised if there was a difference

andy85142d ago

Colour yourself surprised then. Since using it I haven't been disconnected or suffered any noticeable lag once. No idea how he does it but it works amazingly well and offers personalised support if something doesn't work.

Leeroyw142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

Go with the name of the app please Andy.

Inverno142d ago

Curious to see if this will be eventually modded and running android somehow. He mentions PSP and Vita emulation, and how that would've been a very nice insensitive, and I agree. I imagine that if the modding community takes an interest then we might see that possible cause I don't see SONY supporting this thing outside of probably updating it to patch out exploits. Couldn't care less about remote play but emulation would make me buy it, especially if it goes down 50 bucks.

RonnySins142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

The Portal doesn’t do anything different or special compared to Remote Play on a different device, except you can connect a DualSense controller to any of those devices and have a functional touchpad. What an e-waste.

Profchaos142d ago

Yeah and no it's niche definitely and you're right I have so many devices capable of remote play already that getting this makes zero sense for me however there's a market for it clearly as sales have been strong

Barlos142d ago

That addition of DualSense is what makes all the difference. I'm looking forward to getting mine at Christmas!

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The PlayStation Portal is finally winning me over

After a few months with the PlayStation Portal, Digital Trends Giovanni Colantonio is starting to see how the streaming handheld fits into our gaming lives.

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jznrpg3d ago

I love it for single player games

blackblades3d ago

It'll probably help me get through some games. Listen to the tv and play at same time. Also people need to stop hating

DogJosha2d ago

I'll stop hating when they go back to being able to connect locally instead of through the internet. Some of us are adults with jobs that take us away from top tier internet service.

MaximusPrime_3d ago

I'm still playing it. Playing GT7 on it has been awesome

MaximusPrime_3d ago

Thanks for disagreeing. I doubt you never seen or afford a PS Portal?

I bought it at launch and it's the best decision I ever made. Well done Sony!

monkey6023d ago

I slipped a disc in my back a short while ago and I could barely move for 2 weeks. A spent a near fortnite on my back and the Portal was a god send