Quake 4 - Launching the Xbox 360 FPS Addiction

Quake 4 arrived as an Xbox 360 launch title soon after its PC debut, and heralded an era in which the single-player FPS dominated.

DefenderOfDoom293d ago

For me, what launched the single player FPS campaign on consoles was Playstation DOOM which I bought during the launch window for the Playstation 1 back in 1995 which ended up being the best port of DOOM on consoles back in the 90s .

Jingsing93d ago

Still plays great today. Shoulder button strafe shooting is fun.

OtterX93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Oh man, that William's Doom on PS1 had the best music/ambience! Really sounded hellish and it still sounds amazing today. I always preferred it over the original Midi music from PC. Doom 64 was really good too for that era!

DefenderOfDoom293d ago

I hope Nightdive does a remaster of QUAKE 4 to be released on all current platforms .

OtterX92d ago

For sure. It was one of the 360 launch titles I picked up and enjoyed
it. But I really hope they do a Quake 3 Arena with crossplay option too. I recently went back and played on PC, and had a ton of fun. Would be nice to have servers officially reopened with a retail remaster! The Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 days are my fondest memories of online shooters.

shinoff218393d ago

There were definitely big fps games on console before this.

Profchaos93d ago

You could do far worse on the 360 back in the day it was a excellent port of a at the time fairly demanding PC game.


Quake Games Ranked from Worst to Best

BLG writes, "Alongside the Wolfenstein and DOOM franchises, there are the Quake games. Known for fast-paced and insane multiplayer deathmatch action, there was a time Quake was best known for its single-player design.

That all changed as time passed (i.e., after Quake 3 Arena). Multiplayer deathmatches were never the same.

As other FPS games leaned more into improved narrative and storytelling, id Software delivered a genre-defining multiplayer experience.

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MadLad559d ago

Quake 3, and the iterations, will always be one of the best multiplayer series releases.
As far as campaigns, I think 1 and 4 are great, but that 2 was garbage.

Quake Champions was a joke on and didn't capitalize on much of anything that made the series great.


Quake 4 - Looking Back at the Original, Ahead of What Comes Next

Quake 4 made it's debut on PC and Xbox 360 17 years ago. Microsoft are now teasing new things, so it's time to look back at the original.

594d ago

Join the Quake 4 Xbox Insider Preview

Xbox Insiders on Windows PC are invited to preview Quake 4. Originally released in 2005, players lead the invasion of an alien planet in this epic, narrative-driven and action-packed FPS from the award-winning id Software and Raven Software. Check out the Xbox Insider Hub on Windows PC to join the preview today!

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Jin_Sakai607d ago

Hate how they call it Xbox insider yet has nothing to do with Xbox but instead the PC.

607d ago Replies(3)

You should write MS a angry letter and suggest they change the name just for you…

ocelot07606d ago

Xbox is more like a service now than a console.

XxINFERNUSxX607d ago

Wouldn't mind to replay Quake 4 on PC if they did a total remake.

Hedstrom607d ago

Soon with season pass and microtransaction. Come pay for the fun!

Profchaos607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

I don't understand what exactly am I previewing? Quake 4 has been in my library for a decade or more is this a remaster?

Profchaos607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

I did it's still not clear article just says play the game released in 2005 but nothing more no mention of enhancements

WeAreLegion607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

The article doesn't help at all. It's really confusing.

iNcRiMiNaTi607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

It's got native 1440p and 4k support now and fixes the low res texture bug without needing to mess with the config. It's still got a 62fps cap though, I wish it had an uncap fps option or at least a slider for 144fps.

Sciurus_vulgaris607d ago

Basically MS is testing a more optimized and enhanced port of Quake 4. I wonder if Quake 4 will also be added to The Xbox backwards compatibility program [assuming the program resumes]?