Killzone 2 PS3 Bundle Coming to Europe

GOONL!NE: "It seems that Sony are all set to release a official PS3 bundle with the game and a PLAYSTATION 3 if this packshot is anything.

The bundle is for Europe only right now with no current plans from either SCEA or SCEJ as of now but we'll hedge a bet that SCEA will do something similar and announce it just before launch.

No price has been given yet but we'll assume it'll be out with the game on Februrary 25th in Europe and February 27th in the UK"

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rucky4192d ago

Holy crap that package design looks sick! You lucky Europeans!

Cwalat4192d ago

i'm thinking....

hmm.. okey?

why do a bundle.. if they don't change the console itself with a cool design.

either they'll make it cheaper than buying the game and console seperatelly, or this is just stupid.

would be awesome to have "killzone 2" logo on PS3, or something atleast...

weird ... :S

Danja4192d ago

exactly would have been cool to have a KZ2 logo or summuh like MGS4 did

Fowack4192d ago

related to killzone atleast.

hazeblaze4192d ago

That box art is really sick! If they drop the price I might want to get a 2nd PS3 and give the one I have now away!

boodybandit4192d ago

Hey Europe are you feeling the Sony love now? ;)
You guys deserve it!

Aclay4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Damn, this Killzone 2 bundle is MEGATON. Sony definantly needs to bring this to the United States as well.

A PS3 price cut with this bundle would do wonders, but even without a price cut, this bundle is gonna move some tons more systems guaranteed.

And that Box design is just SICK. You can't miss seeing that Box in the store with those Helghast Eyes.

FarEastOrient4192d ago

Come on Sony, I like my Metallic Blue PS3 (one of them), why do you think SCEA and SCEE are alergic to colors or painting schemes on their PS3s?

I'm currently playing White Knight Chronicles... WoW

kwicksandz4192d ago

Lucky Europeans???

Are we even talking about the same sony here?

Have you SEEN the PAL PSN?

Taking the territory you have sh1t on for this long and throwing them a bone ( 2 day release window, doesnt make up for the 2 month R2 wait)hardly lets us PAL suckers class as lucky.

MiloGarret4192d ago


KZ2 bundle huh? A friend of mine's birthday is coming up, and if that thing is any cheaper than buying them separately, that's what he'll get. Congrats.

eagle214192d ago

Killzone 2 is ready. :)

Marquis_de_Sade4192d ago

Kwicksandz, I agree 100%. I have owned a PS3 alone for about 6 months now, before that I had an X360. Perhaps I was too used to MS providing worldwide release dates, but I am both shocked and appalled at the general practice of Sony, why do Europeans have to wait for everything?

RemmM4191d ago

Americans are TOO skeptical with the PS3 (Oh,I don't wanna spend $600 for this game or that game) Even if its $400, its STILL too much for Americans. For Europeans its no problem, PS3s sell the most in Europe, SONY gives Europe the glory because its where their consoles sell the most.

xwabbit4191d ago

WTH MAN!, Resident Evil gets a custom skin and this game which is even bigger IMO doesn't.... WTF SONY!! I'm srry but dam.... come on :/
WAS..... i repeat... was looking forward 2 the bundle now I'm not. Ill just get the game i guess.

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Cajun Chicken4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )



(As in being suprised in marvel)

Johnny Cullen4192d ago

I have to admit, thats the best pack design for a bundle I have seen ever.

Its probably the most original too as all the bundle packshots are pretty much the console and the boxart of the game (eg: LittleBigPlanet or Gears of War 1 bundle for the Xbox 360)

Carbide74192d ago

Damn, that thing will stand out anywhere. Sex.