GameSpy: Saints Row 2 PC Review

Volition did a great job with Saints Row 2, so it's a shame that the PC gaming segment won't be able to experience the game at it was meant to be played. For now, gamers can only cross their fingers and hope some patches are coming to address the game's shortcomings, but really, for such a sub-par port, it's hard to hold out much hope.

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lelo3566d ago

I have not seen the game for PC nor consoles... but i can imagine it's another crappy port for the PC.

KidMakeshift3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

One of the best games of 08'

It had its share or problems, but seeing my 90 yr old, aphex twin looking granny with a british accent in all the cutscenes made it awesome. I wish I could use that character in every game

ChampIDC3566d ago

Imagine the wacky fun of this game with the technical capabilities of GTA4. That would be bloody amazing. The only thing holding this game back IMO are the technical shortcomings (framerate, freezing, glitches).

3566d ago
Charlie26883566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Here is the funny side of things...i've had more fun in the first 10min of Saints Row 2 than I've had in the freaking first 2 hours of GTA4 -_-

This is an example were you wonder how scores fit into having fun and enjoying games >.>