Awesome New content for RIFF XR but there's no community yet

CG writes: We take a look at the new Paradise Hotel location in the latest RIFF XR update that now allows for shared Youtube, web pages and a spot of karaoke by the pool if you desire. Players can create public or private instances of this location. This is a fantastic update but RIFF XR severely needs more players. It seems most social VR gamers are in love with the well established VR Chat, but RIFF XR offers a far better experience. RIFF XR available now on PC via Steam for VR headsets, Quest version being developed in beta right now and also coming to Playstation VR 2. Once the game releases proper on all the intended platforms as cross-platform play is planned, the community will grow to what it deserves. Either way, kudo to the developers for creating something this nice and for FREE. Back to making cyberpunk themed Taylor Swift AI artwork then.

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bunt-custardly95d ago

Seems like not much interest from PS5 owners here much like on PC, yet this kind of social/gaming app can be pretty cool for meetups and general goofing around. I heard VR CHAT are also planning a PSVR 2 version, so perhaps that is just going to be the main game people flock to if and when it gets approved by SONY because it's the most well known. I am going to assume the AI art generation might not be a feature on PSVR due to reasons.

generic-user-name95d ago

PS Home 2 with optional VR would be a nice addition.

thorstein95d ago

Looks cool, but I have never heard of it. Perhaps the problem is marketing?

Nacho_Z94d ago

All very modern, AI art, AI characters, AI film at the cinema. Not my thing but interesting.

M3talDiamond94d ago

Taylor Swift's gonna sue somebody


Incredible Quest 3 room decoration with Captain Hardcore passthrough mode (NSFW)

CG writes: In this video, I manage to transform my office into an AI art driven gallery of cyberpunk themed images. I accomplished this by creating AI driven artwork in the VR game Riff XR, then using said images in the game Captain Hardcore (Quest version). The results are spectacular despite the poor visual quality of the Quest 3 passthrough mode.

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Riff XR Gameplay - September Update (PSVR 2/PCVR/Quest)

CG writes: In this video we take a look at some of the additions to the rather cool social VR game in the making, Riff XR which is currently free-to-play. In the latest update, the team have added more locations for AI art in-game including some fear inducing works in the spooky mansion. Some really cool art in the cyberpunk themed club which is pretty awesome. You can also now jump which is neat. Riff XR is currently on PC via Steam and is heading to PSVR 2. A beta version is available for Quest headsets. Eventually all platforms will be able to interact with each other.

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RIFF XR VR Game AI Generated 360 degree Art is incredible - [Cyberpunk Themes] - PCVR/Quest/PSVR 2

CG writes: In this video we take another look at the rather impressive RIFF XR which is available now FREE for PCVR via Steam. Is also coming as a standalone title for Quest and PSVR 2 headsets. The game provides many social activities, but also allows for user generated content in “dreamdeck” locations. You can set the AI style (in this instance we chose Sci-Fi), and then using voice commands utter a phrase for the theme, and voila (we used cyberpunk phrases to get the impressive art you see in the video). Before your very eyes the 360 degree art is created. It’s an incredibly cool tool to use inside VR and great that other players can see your works of art. The icing on the cake is being able to effectively walk inside the art like a 360 dome.

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victormarcel192d ago

The platform allows users to witness the creation of 360-degree art right before their eyes. This immersive experience likely adds to the feeling of creativity and engagement. https://www.tellpopeyes.biz...