G4TV: CES '09: Sony Booth Highlights

Dave Mathews takes X-Play through the Sony booth to give them the what's what of Sony's new TVs, cameras, and general gadgetry.

Sony has always been on the cutting edge since like forever, get a glimpse of what down the pipe from one of the most trusted names in tech. Ladies and Gents, here's the CES '09 Sony Booth Highlights.

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TOO PAWNED3622d ago

Walkman is awesome with that OLED touch screen.

Karum3621d ago

Yeah the walkman is what interested me most

Product3621d ago

ign talks about the ps3 running in 3d..........they say how the ps4 might be in 3d and this was a test for it.
Interesting none the less.I know Philips has 3d tv's in post production right now so this theory might not be so far fetched.
Oled is gonna change tv's btw.Roll down tv's will be the next big thing.

solidt123621d ago

Im getting that Walkmen with the OLED this summer. and the Cybershot.