Kennedy: Gaming Industry Let EGM Die

1UP's editorial director tells MTV Multiplayer that Electronic Gaming Monthly was probably going to shut down in its 20th year even if UGO hadn't gotten involved - but that game companies could have stopped it.

Why is there no longer an Electronic Gaming Monthly, a magazine that fell one month short of being a leading industry publication for 20 years?

1UP editorial director Sam Kennedy and Stephen Totilo talked about this earlier this week after news broke that 1UP was being purchased by UGO, a purchase that appeared to result in the shutting down of fellow 1UP outlet, the Ziff-Davis-owned EGM.

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TOO PAWNED3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Paper magazines are thing of past. It is obvious now that John Davis, Dan Shu, Jeff Green left 1UP and EGM because they knew what was going to happen.
I think someone more talented and capable than those nerds could have saved EMG magazine. Instead you have Milke going to PAris for few months, prior to that was also on longer vacation and what not.Milke:" Yeah magazine is dying, i go on longest vacation ever, and when i get back, guess what magazine for which i was responsible is dead, and then i go act like some wise azz in my blog and what not."
I would not let him take care of my cows if i had them. I know i would eventually find them dead or something. He would forget to give them water, they don't need that when there is rain outside - he would assume

Aaron Greenturd3572d ago

This is what happens when your company makes deals with people like me. They fail, because you really don't gain anything when the devil gets your soul.

Sure, you make have a couple good years, but in the end, I always win. You may have thought you were doing my bidding 1UP/EGM, but I grew tired of your "psuedo-unbaised" ways, and have found that my cult-like press releases do twice the damage that your mag-web combo can do.

So, in short, if you aren't prepared to go all the way for my company, then you just better be prepared to go away.

Death3572d ago

Playboy is on it's way out too. Magazines like these that target a specific audience that has easy access to the same content online can not survive without some kind of radical change. Before the internet boom, magazines were the only media available for game related information. I really love the internet for it's speed in accessing information, but the amount of misinformation is overwhelming at times. I miss having a trusted source for reviews and even opinions on things that matter (relatively speaking). The relationship between publishers and the community are at an all time low due to unregulated and mostly biased online media outlets.