XBox Handheld Rumours Investigated

OVER THE PAST year, rumours of an Xbox handheld, in a similar guise to Sony's PSP, have popped up in various forms, tenuous links and alleged false rumours. takes a closer look.

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greenlynxx6191d ago (Edited 6191d ago )

I do hope these rumors are true.

6191d ago
shotty6191d ago

The day Microsoft enters the hardware market is the day apple officially starts worrying. Sony really screwed up the psp, it supported all their sony formats and it was a pain to put movies on. We need Microsoft to step in and then we can have competition between Apple and Microsoft. Then apple will stop being greedy and open it's DRM to other companies. Only reason apple has biggest marketshare = DRM
Songs bought on itunes only work in the iPod.

shadowlink255455d ago

from the industry side this will increase microsofts dominas in the market, Sony will panic and try and make blue ray for the psp (which will cause them to lose lot of money). The differce in psp and ps3 (as ps3 is bought by 40+ and the psp by teens) will make it hard for them to control the market. But sony could team up with apple and then we would all get problems with high prices and incompatable music