MacLife Review: Frenzic

MacLife writes:

"The best puzzle games of history are almost always the simplest. Look at Tetris; it's about fitting differently-shaped blocks together. That's it. Frenzic approaches this sweet spot of simplicity.
The screen shows seven circles, one in the center and six arrayed around it. In that center circle, a pie wedge pops up in a specific color and orientation. You tap one of the outer circles to place the wedge there. Fill up a pie, and the wedges are cleared. Fill it up with wedges all of the same color, and you get more points, an additional life, or one of three simple power-ups. But if you get a wedge that can't be placed--one that fits in a slot that all your pies already have occupied--you lose a life.
And that's it. It almost sounds like it should be too simple, but the quick-reflex play and ever-increasing speed prove surprisingly addictive, especially for quick play sessions of five minutes or less."

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