9 New MotorStorm Screenshots

New screenshots have been released for MotorStorm, a racing video game developed by Evolution Studios and being published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the Sony PlayStation 3.

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Athlon4264d ago

Can't wait to play this bad boy.

Booneral4264d ago

This kind of games promise so much fun, especially if the online portion turns out to be good. I wish they would make another Road Rash for next-gen systems. I mean, it's nice to be totally offensive against your opponents, kick them off their bikes, etc. (no thanks, I dont want rockets like we saw in Full Auto).

wildcat4264d ago

They should have had the view from the E3 trailer where it was from inside the car, I was in love with that view.

techie4264d ago

hell yeah!

Though I do hope they bring offline multiplayer soon cause I wanna punch my brother off a motorbike and watch him lose :)

UrbanJabroni4264d ago

1up's podcast (1up Yours for 02/16) starts off with them talking quite a bit about their experiences with Motorstorm, for those interested.

Mostly positive things about the multiplayer, a few negatives about the single player content, but overall positive.

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