How to Get the Eminem Skin in Fortnite? Everything You Need to Know

Learn how to get the Eminem skin in Fortnite. You may not have the chance to own this outfit after December 2.

Gamingsince198191d ago

It doesn't even look like him either l, it could be any generic person

Flewid63891d ago

I was gonna say there are more kids than adults, but then I realized the current generation of kids didn't even grow up on him. lol,

Fonsecap91d ago

Is the thumbnail of the article correct? It doesn't look like Eminem at all, they could say it was the Keanu skin or whatever and it would be the same, they don't even try anymore...


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Juancho516d ago

She should be some sort of evil grotesque world boss, that fkn disgusting demonic creature.

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