IGN: CES 2009: Resident Evil 5 Impressions

Publisher Capcom has in the past couple of months begun throwing its flagship 2009 release, Resident Evil 5, into the spotlight, and as a result fans have been treated to new details and snippets about the epic survival horror project. In late December, IGN posted their impressions of a two-stage demo as hero and heroine Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar respectively trekked through a desolate part of Africa in search of a mystery man named Irving.

In one of the stages, the duo chased Irving to a docked boat, and the demo ended shortly thereafter. At CES 2009, Capcom picked up exactly where its last preview left off, offering attendees to its Las Vegas suite the chance to play through the very next level.

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Sony PlayStation 33663d ago

I'll be too busy playing KillZone 2 on march 13th to care about RE5.

Heldrasil3663d ago

Then please go comment in the KZ2 posts...I don't see how KZ2 has anything to do with this post. It's like saying "I'll be too busy playing with myself on march 13th to care about going to work."

Arsenic133663d ago

You win the relevancy award.

BI0RAPTOR3662d ago

I am like so many others looking forward to playing this epic game since the news came out that it was in the pipe lines.My first impression of the game reminds me of the film Black Hawk Down I mean that by way of the environment.Also I never got the honorable chance to play the beta demo but to me the fighting style looks a bit like Resi 4,and I hope I am right because I thought it worked just right.Although I am sure CAPCOM will be tweaking it up here & there.We are told that the light effect will be a big part of the game play with that I mean your eyes having to adjust to the dark after coming in from the light,how much this will play apart we will have to wait & see.