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Dear Guerrila: Killzone 2 Controls Still Need Work

A few weeks ago, UGO wrote about how they were really not feeling the Killzone 2 controls, and a lot of people sorta flipped out. They said, "Wait until the final version! Guerrilla has promised fully customizable controls!" Well, they have waited, and they are still not happy.

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Wrong source
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Sony PlayStation 34271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

I was in the MP beta and it's controls were GREAT! They had a few lay-outs and I never had a time where I went "Ergg... I wish this button did this!"

Even if the controls are not fully customizable, they're still great as-is.

Seriously this is the one (and apparently huge) complaint the guy has "The only other thing I’m asking for is to make a control scheme that places crouch on circle."

This is ONE guy saying "Waaaa I don't like what the circle button does :'(" There's plenty of people that don't like specific button command in a particular game but they don't go and DEMAND that the developer releases a "day-one patch"! I thought that using the sixaxis to move Sackboy's head was a little tricky at first but I didn't go and rant on a blog demanding a day-one patch.

meepmoopmeep4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

yeah Phase 2 beta controller schemes weren't too good.
Phase 3's new schemes are really good.

i had no problem with the beta schemes.

i wonder what the final build ones are.
i'm sure they logged the beta user's most used ones
and kept those ones for the final.

chaosatom4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

But killzone differs from that because it actually has cover.

but i do respect his view.

Sony PlayStation 34271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Stop and think to yourself:

"Next month... I will be playing KillZone 2... NEXT MONTH... I WILL be PLAYING KILL... ZONE... 2!"

I still can't believe that I will actually be playing KillZone 2 next month! It's almost here!

I'm passed the point of "Pinch me I'm dreaming", I'm at the point of "Inject Red Bull into my buttocks I've been knocked off my feet"

Ace_Shooter4271d ago

the guy's being a nitt-pickin son of a's my opinion buddy....Killzone 2 has TOO MANY other features to be worried about a couple of buttons. damn greedy bastards

Sony PlayStation 34271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Just thought I'd add that in the MP beta you didn't hold "L1" to aim like in CoD4, you just tap L1 and you keep the aiming sights up until you tap L1 again.

CoD4 = HOLD L1 to aim

KZ2 = TAP L1 to aim, TAP L1 again to exit

vickers5004271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

"There's plenty of people that don't like specific button command in a particular game but they don't go and DEMAND that the developer releases a "day-one patch"!"

I know, right? Psh, what a dumb article this is. Customizable controls?! What is this, the era of pc games? Why would anyone demand more quality from a game developer? I think games are fine the way they are, and should not be changed at all. Better yet, lets not even play new releases, and demand they stop making them and only purchase the games out right now because it will just be a burden on us developers... err, I mean THOSE developers.


na2ru14271d ago

for aiming down the sight? I do like COD4 controls and yes, O is good for crouch toggle. We all got use to it. bacame a habit. But we got to accept that different companies will ALWAYS be different in what they decide, just like ever since the Genesis/Snes days to Fifa/Pro Evo to today.

And as gamers, default settings is what we should get use to.

na2ru14271d ago

bubbles for you. thanks for the info

BRG90004271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

I'm confused, are your comments supposed to be from the console's point of view? Cause I can see how the playstation itself would be that excited about Killzone. If you're speaking as a person though, you need to chill a little bit. It's a video game, not the second coming of Christ.

Doppy4271d ago

I think every game should have controller settings. COD controls didn't work for me, nor Resistance or most games So I thank the developers who include it in their games.

Mirror's Edge was a problem.

Mozilla894271d ago

But apparently the circle button is the use button which would be awkward to have on the L2 button. I suppose no one knows the answer to this but do you automatically crouch when you take cover behind a short object in single player? That might be the reason they didn't add toggle crouch to single player.

Sony PlayStation 34271d ago

I am speaking from my own point of view, as a person. The KZ2 beta was amazing and I'd pay $60 just for the MP component of KZ2.

Sony said "The next generation starts when we say it does" and KillZone 2 is the proof of that.

ryuyasho4271d ago

they implement mouse+keyboard compatibility... that'll be sweet :D

legendkilla4271d ago

i like the control's in the beta! i hope they keep it similar

Lord Anubis4271d ago

UGO says: "Dear Guerrila: Killzone 2’s Controls Still Need Work"

UGO starts thinking: "Is Innovation in Controls Really Necessary?"

marinelife94271d ago

The controls were fine when I played it. I must have been owning them in the beta and they're blaming it on the setup.

Michael Jackson4271d ago

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I was really not feeling the Killzone 2 controls, and a lot of people sorta flipped out. They said, “Wait until the final version! Guerrilla has promised fully customizable controls!” Well, I’ve waited, and I’m still not happy.

In the final, reviewable build that Sony sent me, the controls are not fully customizable. You’re still limited to six different configurations, and none of them are a button-for-button mimic of Call of Duty 4 (which, according to a heck of a lot of people, is the best FPS control scheme yet), and all of them place crouch on L2. If you feel like having fun, try holding down L2 on your PS3 controller for an extended period of time. If you’ve been playing games, your hands are probably a little sweaty and you’ll find that your finger slips off the convex shape of the L2 trigger pretty easily.

Now imagine that you’re in an intense firefight, crouched behind a sandbag, and your finger accidentally slips. You pop up and you’re dead. Yay.

This one specific issue could be remedied with the addition of a toggle-crouch option in single player. Unfortunately that’s something that Guerrilla just doesn’t want to give you. You can make crouch a toggle in mutliplayer, but not in single player. Why, you ask? We contacted SCEA about that very thing, and here’s what they said.

“The crouch toggle will only be in multiplayer. This wasn’t an oversight in single player but rather a function of how the team wants users to play the game. It’s a quick action game, and the crouch is more of a function to duck behind objects for pop and shoot gameplay. The toggled crouch kind of defeated that purpose and started leading to gameplay that was counter to the heart of the game.”

Allowing people to crouch whenever they want really ruins the pacing of your game so much that you want them to do it as little as possible? Why would you put such a focus on maintaining cover, then?

I feel like it’s hard for people to understand where I’m coming from without playing them game for themselves. Thankfully pre-order demos will be going out shortly, and I have a feeling that I won’t be the only one bringing this up.

For the record, the only other thing I’m asking for is to make a control scheme that places crouch on circle. Currently circle is just for pushing buttons and opening doors, and I would be perfectly fine relegating that to L2. With those two changes made, the controls would be fine by me. A day-one patch would be super, thanks guys!

Statix4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

People, CALM DOWN. You don't have to get all hyper-defensive about the game when someone says something with even the slightest hint of negativity concerning it. Not everybody is trying to bash or take down the PS3; not everybody is out to get Killzone 2 and criticize it for the hell of it. From the sounds of it, it looks like the guy GENUINELY wants Sony/Guerilla to improve the game and to make the overall experience as good as it can possibly be (encompassing the controls & greater customizability options); he sounds like he genuinely wants KZ2 to fully realize its potential as an ultra-polished, AAA online and offline shooter.

Me? I'm inclined to agree with his point. I'm a HUGE advocate of fully customizable controls in first-person shooters (I grew up playing PC shooters, where EVERY game offers fully customizable controls), and I don't see why more console shooters couldn't/don't offer such a feature. In my view, it would improve upon the game's experience immensely and for everyone, allowing people to set the control scheme totally to my own preferred taste. Examples: Resistance 2, Haze, and SOCOM did it. It's not like it can't be done.

Truthfully, having to hold down R2 to crouch strikes me as awkward as well, and I don't doubt that many of you probably feel the same way. Yet all of you are apparently vehemently against having options in games, against having the ability to customize your experience to your own utmost preferences. That's why you're all jumping down this guy's throat in such a knee-jerk reactionary way right? Because you're against having choices?

Rofflecopter4271d ago

the only way circle would work is if it was a toggle. imagine pressing circle and trying to aim.. thats probably why its on L2; they want the gameplay to be fast, not sneaking.

TEZ-RaViNlUnAtIk4271d ago

I just wish they add this option as i can only use the left stick to aim, but the button layout is fine.

0verdrive4271d ago

circle for crouch is a horrible idea. i dont really know if thats the way that they do it in previous console fps, as i am more accustomed to pc shooters, but if thats the case then they have it completely wrong. putting crouch on circle is just dumb, imo. one cannot hold circle and move and aim at the same time. this would force crouching to be a toggled action. i HATE toggled actions, and imo, people who use it are inadvertently handicapping themselves against everyone else.

toggling states of being in shooters has always been a bane of mine.
ive never been a fan of having to press a button once to crouch/aim/prone and have to press it again to stand up or stop aiming. theres just not enough control the other way. it takes you twice as long to completely a whole cycle of action. i say do away with it! get used to holding the button, or ill just continue to hs you all day, because you had to click twice to stand up. give me more competition! xD

but on a serious note, i do agree customizable controls would be nice, but really people need to just bite the bullet and play the game with the default controls. everyone who has half a brain will be used to them within 30 mins, especially because its probably the only game were all going to be playing for like, 3 months.

micro_invader4271d ago

I really wonder how you still have 7 bubbles, your comments are so outrageously fanboyish and so too your avatar.

Sarcasm4271d ago

Jeeze this is just one guy's opinion about the control scheme. It just takes some getting used to.

cito35th4271d ago

lmfao, this article is just some one TRYING to find some dirt on killzone2, and the best they can do are bad controls? wow, try again

Rock Bottom4270d ago

Killzone 2's controls is what distinguish it from other FPS, putting it somewhere between the arcady CoD4 and the realistic Rainbow six. Learn to live with it, or find yourself another game.

cito35th4270d ago

you are so gullible... smh

GarandShooter4270d ago

Don't be so tough on this guy. Sometimes different controls allow for a better game. Like, I always wanted a fly button on Donkey Kong....hate those damn barrels....Curse you Nintendo!

incogneato4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

this guy must be fat talking about sweating while playing video games LOL. controls seem ok to me but obviously customization would be a nice little feature

IcarusOne4270d ago

I've had enough of people toting about KZ graphics. Of course they're beautiful. But the prettiest build in the world is worthless if it doesn't play well. I'm most interested to know about the controls and this article isn't a rant, it's not a fan boy. It's a sensible opinion.

The dualshock's worst design feature is the convex nature of the 2 shoulders. Playing some racing games on the controller where you're forced to jam these buttons down for minutes at a time leads to cramping and finger slippage. It's a design problem that unfortunately developers aren't really thinking about. I can totally see how using L2 for crouch would be annoying. The guy's not saying it's game-breaking, but it's something little like this that goes a long way to the playability of the game.

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FReeDoM4ALL4271d ago

Use them if it bothers you so much, they work great.

Sony PlayStation 34271d ago

YES! I have them! They are awesome! Got them on e-bay for $6

Mukiwa4271d ago

Yeah I have some of those too, gotta love 'em!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi4271d ago

is this guy serious. does he not know that you can customize the controls? I think he's just hating on killzone.

Breakfast4271d ago

"In the final, reviewable build that Sony sent me, the controls are not fully customizable."

socomnick4271d ago

well theres no mention of the sluggish aiming, glad to hear that is fixed, aiming was terrible in the beta.

Marquis_de_Sade4271d ago

lol at breakfast disagrees.

DA_SHREDDER4271d ago

It obviously plays like COD, which is perfect imho. But I wish that the use button was also with the reload/pick up weapon like in cod and use the circle button to crouch. They should also let you prone. Oh well.

spacetoilet4271d ago

"My finger slips, pop up and die!" WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAA!

BulletToothtony4271d ago

and if anyone was wondering they're great add ons.. i never needed them but they feel great

Mukiwa4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

My advice is give them a try, you've not got much to lose at that price.
I impulse bought some from Game while picking up Saints Row 2 a while ago, mainly out of curiosity. Promptly went out again later and bought some more! They have my seal of approval...