Install confirmed for InFamous

At CES, Sucker Punch explained that while InFamous will have an install, it won't be at the start of the game.

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peedie163572d ago

I have no problem with install

meepmoopmeep3572d ago

me either, if it makes the game better, i'm fine with it.

it's sort of weird though how it's going to be installed sometime after the game starts.
that's a new one.

Breakfast3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

I love installs. This is a trend Sony should continue.


Snow3572d ago

Installs are a one-time deal.

Switching disc's..much like for the rest of your life :)

haha breakfest.You and your constant editing.

Sony PlayStation 33572d ago

If they make textures NOT pop-in like *cough* Gears of War *cough* than that's fine with me!

A couple minute install is no big deal, go grab a soda and a bag of chips and by the time you're back the game is at the title-screen :)

meepmoopmeep3572d ago

damn you Breakfast!!!


crap, you edited it? i missed it.


Ichiryoka3572d ago

i never know when to take you seriousliy. you GivE reasonable commenTs every now And then. seriousLy though I FE.el that some of your comments could be in better taste. nice talking to you!

oh there is a secret message in my comment, sooo.. yeah see if you can find it! have fun!

chaosatom3572d ago

I like taking breakfasts bubbles away regardless of what he says :)

Aclay3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

I don't care about an Install at all for InFamous and It's not like EVERY PS3 game has an Install. For me personally, I would rather have a game that had an install that took a few minutes than to get up and change discs.

Every PS3 owner has a hard drive and it's cheap to upgrade to a larger hard drive, so no problems here with Installs.

LOL, Chaosatom I totally agree with you. :)

FrankenLife3572d ago

My 250gb hdd in my PS3 says "that is just fine and dandy." My 20gb hdd on my 360 says, "Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!11! I got mail! I got mail! Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!"

Sony PlayStation 33572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

I found your secret message Ichiryoka!



vickers5003572d ago

Just as long as it's not another 5-6 f*cking gig install, then I'm fine with it.

Sony PlayStation 33572d ago

I swear the mods made so Breakfast can't get any lower than 2 bubbles! Everyone hates him and he always has like 2 agrees and 50 disagrees but he never loses another bubble!

Homicide3572d ago

Things is that 360 games don't require an install, so it won't eat up your hard space. Most PS3 owners need to buy another hard-drive because of the installs. Sony must've forgot to add that to their chart :)

DaTruth3572d ago

Since it's an open world game, I can forgive it.

TheExecutive3572d ago

I have no problems either, especially when its an open world game... Its really the only way to do it.

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TheColbertinator3572d ago

How many gigs?

Anyway I am not surprised since Infamous looks huge.

Hope its good

thebudgetgamer3572d ago

its time to uprgade the old hdd


spacetoilet3572d ago

I love how that gets approved as news. ROFL

Not having a hard drive sucks balls. Having one is the modern way.
Reading off the optical drive is bad, off hard drive is good. Get it?
Why do you think PC games have been using hard drive install since the dawn of time? Because it is somehow a bad thing?
So sad.

Parapraxis3572d ago

It's the equivalent of a news post that says "XX Wii game uses motion controls" lol.

Capital G3572d ago

it doesnt make the game betteer. it makes it so the ps3 can handle the game

ViceKingz3572d ago

shouldn't you be in your cell, capital G? i'm pretty sure it isn't supper hour yet.

bassturd3572d ago

seeing all the Infamous videos with tons of explosions and lightning effects going around everywhere with no framerate drops from what I can tell...I think I can handle a 1-2 minute install if that is what it needs. Infamous look a very fun game thus far. The physics look nice with all the being blown around from the explosions. Kinda sad that it appears to be being overshadowed by Prototype.

DaTruth3572d ago

Actually, it does make the game better. If the PS3 can handle only so much, add the install and now it can handle more, making the game better. Since Infamous looks awesome, we can tell it paid off.

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andron3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

It's quite good. It also shows that Sucker Punch haven't confirmed anything as they haven't decided yet.

They will probably have an install, but not at the start of the game. Since it's an open world game an install will benefit the game anyway.

Here is the full correct quote from the interview:
"Well, we're trying how and where to put it exactly, so it's a very difficult decision for us. It's painful to us as players that the first thing you would have to do is wait for a dialog. Certainly, if we succumb to there's going to be a dialog, then we will do what we can to make... well, that 15-minute install is an absolute non-starter for us.

Right now, I can tell you that the game... today, if you took the build that we ran earlier, it would take 4 minutes to get the game fully cached. Now, it's not going to get worse. So the question is how much better can I make it? I think we can make it a lot better, but we'll find out."

Cajun Chicken3572d ago

Oh? Probably a small one with exclusive games.

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