MS: Fewer gamers want to upgrade, will stick with Xbox 360.

The News Tribune: "Microsoft Corp. will rely on its Xbox 360 game console for longer than the previous version because it's getting harder to get consumers to upgrade, the head of the company's entertainment unit said."

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meepmoopmeep3596d ago


i was THIS close to trolling this Breakfast,
but i promised to try to be nice, remember?


anyway, i'm glad and i hope MS sticks to this.
i was really let down when Xbox was discontinued and dropped.

Elven63596d ago

They were kinda forced to stop production of the original Xbox since I believe NVIDIA the GPU maker decided to cease production of vital chipsets needed for the console to work.

ReBurn3596d ago

It bothered me when they canned the Xbox, too. I wish they would have bothered to make Jedi Outcast b/c before they canned the emulation ninjas. I was that one guy that cared about it.

Covenant3596d ago

Yeah, ReBurn...I wanted to play Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath and Serious Sam 2 on my 360...guess it's not going to happen. Maybe I'll pick up an old Xbox on the cheap just to relive both games.

andron3596d ago

The reason they stopped making the original xbox was because the Hdd was too expensive.

Death3596d ago

The GPU was leased and the price was not going down. There was actually a lawsuit over it and that is what prompted the change in GPU vendors. This is also why backwards compatability was not done in hardware and required a great deal to emulate. The original Xbox design was solid, but the business side made some mistakes that cost Microsoft alot of money and kept the system from being profitable. What they learned they applied to the Xbox 360 and shipped it asap like Mr. Moore stated in the interview.


Aaron Greenturd3596d ago

Yep, we learned after dropping 20+ million original Xbox owners that they got kinda ticked off, and if we hadn't done that AND screwed all the early adopters of the 360 with RROD, we might be at 50 million right now.

But, when your pockets are so deep they reach hell, you soon realize it's less about making the customer happy and more about stealing their very soul.

Hence our brutal, propaganda filled brainwashing media campaign, smothering online subscription fees, and choking accessory costs. these forms of control force the gamer to be self conscious and defensive about their 360, and they will need a spiritual awakening to break free from this abusive relationship.

The only thing an Xbox 360 owner has to look forward to is more pain, punishment, abuse and despair. Then they die, not knowing that the terms of their Live subscription follows them into Hell itself.

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TheColbertinator3596d ago

I like the sound of that.360 could go on for 3 more years.Its got all the time in the world...before 2012

Helghast Slayer3596d ago

Yeah by that time it will probably be giving away for free. *Buy a happy meal get a refurbished 360 for free* lol

GiantEnemyCrab3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Yup, I think it's definately got a few more years left in the system. Just as long as the dev's can manage with DVD9 and I don't see why not.

@1.3: LOL! You did so well restraining yourself(saw your comment in the gamer zone) but you just couldn't hold it in any longer. You got a burning troll in you and it's crying to be let out. I'll make sure I'm wearing a short sleeve shirt on Jan 1 2012. =)

meepmoopmeep3596d ago

where have you been Stephen?

by 2012 there will be 30M+ 360's in the world.
that's what will end the world when they all RRoD
the Earth just can't stand that amount of heat.


TheColbertinator3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Just as long as I get good games I don't care for graphics.Xbla has infinite potential for new developers.

Limitations,graphics,sales etc. are unimportant.


Ha! I knew you could not avoid trolling.Its in your droid blood :)

DavidMacDougall3596d ago

I see years of multi discs ahead of you my friend.

meepmoopmeep3596d ago

lol, blame Breakfast, i was trying to be nice,

then wham! he shows up


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mint royale3596d ago

stick to this MS and maybe you'll get more loyalty from your consumers.

Death3596d ago

The last gen ended prematurely and this gen has had it's share of complications that needed addressed by Microsoft and cost well over a billion dollars. Xbox Live and Microsofts aggressiveness in securing third party games has done a tremendous job of keeping gamers happy.


agent8643596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

people want to utilize their investments. I bought a 360 / PS3 and a Wii all in 2006 (and a replacement 360 in '09) and upgraded my TV in 2005. I would like to not have to consider upgrading until 2012 at the earliest. There's still a lot that can be done this generation. And I'd rather focus on what I can play *right now* or in the near future rather than deal with all the hype and speculation.

Graphical enhancements are nice but balance those with gameplay and affordability -- and reduce the risk to developers with lower cost development processes.

iNcRiMiNaTi3596d ago

i love my 360 and all but i fear the day my 360 decides to crap out on me. this is already my 3rd, hopefully its my final one

Covenant3596d ago

Fifth 360 here...but the Falcon Elite I bought in Oct. 2007 has been flawless. So maybe the hardware issues are (slowly) becoming a thing of the past.

Left 4 Dead ROCKS!

iNcRiMiNaTi3596d ago

yea l4d is awesome. just getting a little tired of the 2 versus campaigns. im dying for the DLC. hopefully they add the other 2 maps into versus as well as some new ones

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