Tin Hearts VR Preview - Thumb Culture

Tin Hears released earlier this year on flat screen, now, a VR demo is avaliable for us to check out! Is VR the best way to play? Lets Go!

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EvertonFC94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Gonna hold off on this, wait for some better control options. I don't want teleportation

Pamela_Doove93d ago

I can't even play the demo cos of the 'update required' ....licence restore didn't work as some suggest.....any other work arounds?


Don't Die Hard this Xmas - Play Hard with Tin Hearts' new festive update

Don't Die Hard - it's time to play hard with the new Tin Hearts festive update on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Yippee Ki-Yay!

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Tin Hearts PSVR 2 Demo Now Available

Wired Productions has launched a free demo version of Tin Hearts for PSVR 2, allowing PlayStation 5 gamers to try the game now.

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Tin Hearts – in-depth look at the PS VR2 puzzler

Puzzle out solutions in this immersive narrative adventure, then try yourself in the demo, out November 2.

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