PC World: Google Previews Chrome 2.0

Less than a month after announcing that version 1.0 of its Chrome Web browser is no longer a beta, Google has released an alpha version of Chrome 2.0. Available through Google's Chrome Developer Channel, the updated browser brings many notable improvements over Chrome 1.0.

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ReBurn3572d ago

Chrome is fast and light. I just wish it had support for plugins like Firefox and Flock do. I'm a huge fan of Mozilla plugins. Adblock Plus is my favorite.

GiantEnemyLobster3572d ago

I hate how Firefox is such a damn resource hog, but I just can't give up my Adblock Plus.

Bladestar3572d ago

yep.. I need pluggins... I use them for web development... no pluggins no lead browser for me...

krouse933572d ago

I actually think it's way faster than Chrome 1 and that everyone needs to download it even though it was a bioch to find out where to download it from lol it is definitly worth it some noteable features are Fullpage zooming in not just text picturs and all now and middle Wheel scroll adn noticibly faster.

Blasphemy3572d ago

Here's how you find it easy. The link is here.

Go to this link and click the link for "Google Chrome Channel Changer." Once you run this switch to beta mode. After you install beta mode restart google chrome and then click on the wrench in the top right corner. Once you click the wrench go to "About Google Chrome" and then click update and your done.

I can't believe how much faster it is LOL. I didn't think it could get any faster then it was but damn now pages load lightning fast.