Things Sony and Nintendo Can Learn from Apple

2008 saw Apple prove its worth as a competitor in the handheld console market dominated by Sony and Nintendo. PC Advisor has rounded up the things both gaming giants could learn from Apple.

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morganfell4203d ago

And by implication Microsoft can learn nothing from Apple? I thought that was where the look of Vista came from...

meepmoopmeep4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

MS doesn't learn from Apple, they STEAL it


DNAgent4203d ago

Microsoft doesn't learn anything. All they do is steal from other people & create their own mediocre version of it. The only thing that Microsoft can really call their own is the ability to make everything have a high failure rate.

dericb114203d ago

They should learn to over price they're products to then I guess.
Apple does this stuff because parts and production are nowhere near the price they mark it up too. Nintendo and Sony keep your business the way it is cause in the end this recession will get the best of Mapple I mean Apple

Kaneda4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

Apple has the highest customer satisfaction... you got what you paid for...

you think Nintendo Wii expensive to make?? old tech sell the same price as PS2 7 years ago...

BRG90004203d ago

My response exactly. It proved it could produce a decent distraction worth buying some $0.99 games for. Not quite the same level as what Nintendo or Sony are putting out there.

FarEastOrient4203d ago

So telling Sony to stay expensive because of brand alone to sell on image alone along with all the bells and whistles. Interesting in deed...

It sure will Microsft sell more consoles! :) ?

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