DarkZero: Valkyria Chronicles Review

Valkyria Chronicles is a game that deserves to be played by everyone. It's so innovative, fresh and blends different features of other genres so well that you'd think Sega WOW had already done this before. DarkZero thinks a quote from Bruce Almighty tells a lot about this game, "B-E-A-UTIFUL" is what should be slapped all over it. It's Sega's best game since… well, the Dreamcast era.

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TheColbertinator3594d ago

Another excellent review score for a great game

Hiruma Youchi3594d ago

Eternal darkness but better.

Hiruma Youchi3594d ago

Oups... I meant Operation Darkness up there.

butterfinger3594d ago

I may have to pick this one up, finally. I wasn't overly-impressed by the demo, but I have heard that some of my friends that felt the same way actually loved the full game. It's settled: I'm getting it!

The Rock Bottom3594d ago

The Rock, says play this game.