PlayStation 4 in 3D

January 9, 2009 - CES 2009 is currently underway in Las Vegas, and while there are tons of home audio systems, DVD and Blu-ray players, touchscreen phones and other miscellaneous cool gadgets to be seen and played with, perhaps the biggest theme this year is 3D. Long gone are the days of the blue and red paper glasses, replaced with polarized lenses or even standalone displays that promise they can provide the effect without having to wear anything on your head.

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Spike473570d ago

but I just think it would be weird to see it on the PS4, unless Sony starts a huge marketing campaign on "3d gaming"! Otherwise I don't see it happening.

chaosatom3570d ago

I don't have to switch to a new hd tv.

I think that's what they need to research more of.

The Lazy One3570d ago

it's really easy to have as an option. They could offer it as a optional feature in their games, where they can still be displayed in 2d. It would probably have to display at half the frame rate for some games, but imo, it would be worth it for some games.

I think this is a feature we might see in a lot of consoles in the future. It's a pretty simple feature to add as an option, especially considering the possibilities.

jammy_703570d ago

ps4 cant just be better graphics and better online, it has to be different so i like the idea!

No3570d ago

I doubt if their will be a ps4 at least make some profit on PS3 first.

Kratos193570d ago

Any more obnoxious PM's you want to send me with your "pp" and "PPpp" accounts?

GiantEnemyLobster3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

There will NOT be a PlayStation 4. Sony Computer Entertainment has completely screwed the playstation franchise. They are in debt up to their eyeballs because of the PlayStation 3 and there isn't any relief in site, especially with the way the economy is going.

Expect the Xbox 720 to be in 3D.

Cwalat3570d ago

Sony didn't just TRY 3D at the show,
i believe they are actually working on the concepy of PS4.. and they're probably thinking of addin 3D..

i mean it's pretty obvious.

Sony won't release a new console if it doesn't have come with something brand new to the gaming industry.

PS3 - Blu-ray
PS4 - 500 Terabit - 3D

:P okey the 500 terabit is farfetched, but if gaming continues with download trends. i believe it will be the standard of the future, and alot more companies will research in how to invent a new multi terabit HDD...

GiantEnemyLobster3570d ago

The 3D on it would be balls, just like the 'motion sensing' on the current FlopStation 3.

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meepmoopmeep3570d ago

i think it would be cool,
but it would suck for people sitting next to you watching you game
unless they had the goggles on as well.

Awookie3570d ago

They are talking about doing it without goggles with what i assume is a thin piece of plastic or something that you put over your screen

meepmoopmeep3570d ago

oh, thanks for the heads up.

it would be expensive seeing as they would have to have several sized sheets though.

that's a good idea though.

Vip3r3570d ago

PS4? I'm sure this will be on PS3.

HDgamer3570d ago

Watch how we'll get the ps9 gaming in the next 20 years.

Sony PlayStation 33570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

The "PS9" reminds me of the book/movie SPHERE.

SPHERE's whole concept was: Think of it, imagine it... it becomes real AKA "manifestation"

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TheColbertinator3570d ago

Whatever happened to 4d? >:D

JohnnyChimpo3570d ago

The 4th Dimension is time, and the ps3 does change the background throughout the day from a bright color in the day to a dark black at night, so technically this would classify as the whole 4D thing, plus Home is getting intergrated with seasons ( winter = snow, Fall = Leaves, etc. ) and as seasons pass ( time ) so will Home's exterior. This goes to show that the PS3 is capable of reading the internal clock and could produce this effect towards games, HOWEVER it's up to the developer to do this, Sony just gives them the option to say yay or nay.

As for this topic, you do realize the PS3 can support 3D, Sony doesn't need a new console to unleash this, just a firmware update that changes the BIOS ( Basic Input Output System )software. MS would need a whole new console, don't expect a PS4 anytime soon, there is still so much more that this system can do through simple firmware update's.

@ That Lobster goof

Isn't their already a member here named GiantEnemyCrab? Are you really that dumb that you can't think up a clever name on your own? Guess not, you are a MS supporter, and can't see a bang for your buck when it's placed infront of your acne encrusted face. I'm guessing you still live with mommy and daddy and it was their money that bought your 360, cause if you truly where a " SMART " consumer, you would see that the PS3 is definetly worth the money in terms of technology and the leap forward.

So please get off the tit, and get a life!

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