Resistance: Retribution : The Game Continues to Astound

SCEA had Resistance Retribution on display at this year's CES. Bend Studios has managed to tap into the PSP in a way never seen before. Of course, graphics are one thing - the story of Retribution looks to be quite satisfying, especially for Resistance fans. Resistance: Retribution bridges the gap between the first and second games on PS3, the story looks absolutely nothing short of epic. You'll have to check it out below.

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Eidolon3571d ago

is that a psp or wii game?

Nathaniel_Drake3571d ago

The story alone would make me get this game, Insomniac did a great job fleshing out the story in R1 an R2 leaving cliff hangers and interesting side stories can't wait for this installment

gametheory3571d ago

I expected a lot more from resistance 2. The Narrative fell too short of expectations when compared to the first game; they aimed to correct it but it backfired because instead of adding, they subtracted. Even though the second game is a lot more polished in terms of in-game assets, I enjoyed more the first game because it had much better narrative elements and it was a lot longer, not to mention the chimera was shrowded in mystery. The second game revealed secrets, but the storyline took unsatisfying twists. Maybe I shouldn't have expected anything or made my own R2 ideal storyline in order not to be so disappointed. The game is definitely very good and the guns are better than the first one and so is the tech behind it, unfortunately it fell short of my expectations.

Close_Second3570d ago

...during Resistance 2 (R2). It made me feel more immersed in the game as though you were the story and not a spectator of it.

I loved the cliff hanger ending in R2 which opens the door to for almost anything to happen in R3.

Doppy3570d ago

In R2 the story didn't fall apart it was told to quick. The doctor gave away everything in one cut scene which sucked. They could have lead us on longer, and provided around 2 - 3 more hours of gameplay had the doctor not told everything.

The story wasn't bad in R2. It's just you were told the whole thing in minutes, then it was time to kill and get ready to die, which sucks because Resistance has one of the most entertaining stories in a FPS.

sinncross3571d ago

I think Resistances works best with an narrator that is not Hale, like in the first game. I found that amazingly more interesting.