Ranking Every Nintendo Console From Worst to Best

Which Nintendo console is the best of all time? Analyzing the company's 130+ year history with the NES, GameCube, and more.

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OtterX15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Glad to see SNES take the top! It really is timeless. Graphics and gameplay that even the youngbloods can appreciate today (still influencing modern indies!), but we aging gamers hold such fond memories of experiencing firsthand. Man, what a time to grow up.

I still hold my NES and Gameboy in the top 3... I still love playing them today and were so groundbreaking for me, but I completely understand that it doesn't hold the same timelessness for everyone that the SNES has. My 6 year old daughter adores Super Mario World, but doesn't get into the original SMB as much.

Good list!

Profchaos14d ago

Isn't that the truth.
I find the best Nintendo console seems to always be the one you grew up with.

Some younger people now swear that the Wii is the best console ever while I don't hold it in as high regard for me it was super Mario bros 1 2 and especially 3 that defined my entry point into gaming.

I kind of wish I had a SNES also I didn't have much exposure to it in the 90s going from NES to mega drive and having friends who mostly did the same I only got to play it a handful of times I liked it but wasn't until I was way older I discovered stuff like earthbound and really understood clicked with it.

RAFTECH2615d ago

For me…it would be

Nintendo DS
Game boy

Profchaos14d ago

Where do you have the Wii U besides the bin

BeHunted14d ago

Wii? That sold like hotcakes here in the UK. Difficult to find for ages.

Kakashi Hatake15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Couldn't agree more with number 1.

GamingSinceForever15d ago

1. N64
2. NES (insane library, but the worst console design ever)
3. Super Nintendo
4. Switch

Profchaos14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

For me it's
2 switch
4 wii
5 n64
6 GameCube
7 wii U

I cut my teeth gaming on the NES and then owned a mega drive followed by ps so I don't have the same nostalgia for the SNES as most people but pretty much most systems after the fact are interchangeable depending on my mood there's something amazing on each system even the Wii U.

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anast5h ago

This is the next gen Xbox console.

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eagle211d 23h ago

"In the last 12 months, the PS5 has grown its lead over the PS3 by 8.97 million units. The PlayStation 5 is currently ahead by 18.37 million units."

That's a lot of PS5's. :)

Einhander197221h ago

In 2023 1,696 PlayStation 5’s have been sold every hour, that's 28 per minute.

Babadook723h ago

This was a good one. Hope there is something big shown. Thats what I watch the thing for.

anast23h ago

PS5 is dominating all generations.