Midway Stock Increases Following 7.125% Announcement

That Gaming Site writes: "Following the announcement that Midway managed to successful convince shareholders holding 7.125% notes in the company we noticed Midway's stock price increased substantially!"

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Cajun Chicken4203d ago

I hope this publisher can get out the gutter, Midway did some excellent stuff 2004 onwards, some real big budget quality stuff, the MK games got interesting game mechanics with the multiple fighting styles and Soul Calibur style play and I liked Stranglehold.

*whispers in Midway's ear*

"Psst...Psi-Ops 2."

Elven64203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

Most definetly, it is the last "real" American publisher from back in the day to boot, it would be a shame to lose a party of gaming history like this, especially after seeing what happened to the new Acclaim, or even the new Sega...

I have a feeling that 2010 project they were touting the one that was as good as or better then Gears was probably Psy Ops but of course that is on a hiatus. Stranglehold was great and I definitely don't agree with the "repetitive" argument since, well what game isn't?!?! It had issues though like the multiplayer lobby and some tech issues that were noticeable around the end, still should have sold better though.

Edit: Psi-Ops was missed by quite a few, perhaps bringing the original to Xbox Originals or GOG/Steam ;)

Cajun Chicken4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

Well, having Interplay just coming back from bankrupsy recently and Midway going into it would just be annoying as heck. Like the bloody hokey Kokey.

I love some of the games both those publishers do. It would be great to have both churning out quality games.

Elven64203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

I forgot about Interplay! That was truly remarkable how they made a comeback, although I think Midway is the last big name true American Arcade developer from that time period, the rest where either shut down or restructured like Atari.

I think Midway has enough to pull out of this especially after delaying the 7.125% situation, worst case scenario is they are forced to sell some franchises.

Cajun Chicken4203d ago

The licence for 'Fallout' can do wonders...

Anyway, theres a new EWJ game on the way with Doug Tennapel actually working on it and I hope, I pray, a new MDK or just a reboot with more epic music from Mr Tallarico himself also rumours of a new Descent.

Shame, Shiny's gone...their finest developer, oh well, always Planet Moon. Stop them making casual Wii games that don't suit their quirky style, for gods sake it's horrible to watch.

Elven64203d ago

Didn't they merge to create Double Helix? That explains why Perry is at Acclaim now though. Looked at their wiki and I guess Interplay retained their franchises.

Cajun Chicken4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

Yep and they made Silent Hill 5.

I think they REALLY declined in quality once merging, I hate game developers being merged and they lose identity.

Saying that The Matrix games were sub par for Shiny, even though I admit I liked Path of Neo.

The founders of Planet Moon are essentially the team that made MDK.

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TheColbertinator4203d ago

Good work Midway

Now about Psi-Ops 2...

Elven64202d ago

Like I stated above, I think it's already underway! ;)

farhsa20084203d ago

no how about another MK game.

Elven64202d ago

MK9 is already underway, problem is no one knows a release date or what it's about. I think it might be a 2009 release and then the series would be given a year or two off. Why 2009? To get rid of what little debt may still remain! ;)

Elven64202d ago

Of course, now if they get that 6% announcement they should be good.

gametheory4202d ago

And release something in the lines of MK: Shaolin Monks but now with an open set of worlds and the Lin-Kuei clan instead of the Shaolin Monks!