No One Cares About Assassin's Creed Mirage, And That's Bad For Gaming

There's little interest in Assassin's Creed Mirage, which doesn't bode well for games deviating from the open-world blueprint.

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jambola15d ago

It's a DLC that was turned into a full game in a franchise that has had a game a year roughly for 20 years
It's back to the ones people were already sick of before
It's a Ubisoft game
Many reasons to have no interest

seanpitt2314d ago (Edited 14d ago )

I think the old school type of AC games better than the new ones, but mirage was very lazy you can tell the Devs did absolutely nothing to innovate on the old AC games it's basically worse than AC2 and 3 on a mechanical level with shinier graphics and world. They could have mixed up the combat made it more enjoyable but they just made it totally bare bone and that's just sad.. it basically Ubisoft all over

That why rockstar are so much more successful they innovative and won't make a game unless its superior on nearly every level to its predecessor.

lucian22914d ago

Old AC games were stale ever since the very first game lmao only reason two was good was ezio. Then the rest were all just bad games period.

The newer ones like origins and etc were good but needed to cut down on bloat and make the game Linear and tight. They're fun for a bit the. Get repetitive

seanpitt2314d ago

I would take AC1 to 3 black flag and unity over Valhalla and origins


It doesn't really matter if it is more linear than the last entries or not, by this point people are not tired of open world or linear Assassin's Creed games, they roll their eyes just from hearing the words "Assassin's Creed". They released 25 games (13 main line games) since the inception of the franchise 16 years ago, it's one fo the best examples of franchise fatigue in gaming, nothing they can really do about it but hold back a couple years (which for the Ubisoft suits must sound like I'm Martian or some shit).

Gamingsince198114d ago

I'm a bit of a mix of each myself, I loved black flag and I loved the one with ezio in, I also loved origin, I would have loved valhalla too but there was sooooo much bloat and I am a completionist and it drove me crazy how much stuff there was to collect and do that was pointless but I had to do it to feel like I finished the game. AC mirage, well I haven't even bothered with it, it seems like AC 1 DLC

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glennhkboy14d ago

@seanpitt23 Origin has one of the best story in AC.

GhostScholar14d ago

1. I enjoy Ubisoft games

2. There hasn’t been a bad assassins creed game

3. That being said this is my least favorite ac game since odyssey

Sonic188114d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Just like COD. Another Copy and paste DLC

Ashunderfire8614d ago

Just like Call of Duty lol 😆 DLC for both games, but one has legs with multiplayer.

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Shubhankar15d ago

"games deviating from the open-world blueprint"
Mirage is open world

gold_drake15d ago

yes, because Assassins Creed Mirage carries the entire gaming industry on its back.

sarcasm intended.

-Foxtrot15d ago

Not really

They basically turned DLC into a full on game, used the “it’s going to be like the old games” as an excuse to why it’s not as big as the main titles but even then still lied because there’s things in the game the guy can do which you could never do in the older games…like teleport to a target and stab them like the Blink ability in Dishonored.

If they are going to go back to AC roots then actually do that

isarai15d ago

Exactly! That's what killed it for me, like I was hoping it would be back to a more grounded experience. Gathering Intel, planning your approach, and using that combined with your skill to pull off sweet assassinations and make smooth escapes. Instead I teleport kill like 4 guys and parkour with the most limited parkour mechanics in the entire franchise?.

Funny cause I was waiting for them to f#ck it up somehow, and then they showed gameplay and I just laughed like "yup! There it is!"

-Foxtrot15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Yeah they made the series super fantasy like so when they said it was going back to its roots I was all in.

Obviously we can’t say the franchise was full on grounded with some of the things in the game or story plot elements but the point is it was more grounded than what it is now

However using a character from the main games (Valhalla) was already a red flag, you don’t aim something towards the old school fans then make a character from your last main game the main lead in this one. Why? I want to play this to get away from the new games.

Soon as I saw the abilities and teleporting shit I was out .

Tody_ZA14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

The warp kill was more stolen from Middle Earth the way it looked. But it also killed my buzz for the game, because I wanted a slow, grounded realistic type game like the original. They should just remake it at this point with AC Unity level art direction and that same Jesper Kyd soundtrack and I'd throw my money down!

wesnytsfs14d ago

I will buy the next RPG AC Im just not a fan of the stealth in video games its jut trial and error till you get it right.

jznrpg14d ago

I’m not a big stealth guy but I enjoyed some of the AC games , Metal Gear Solid and a couple other stealth games.
But I hate the follow the guy for 10 minute missions. They are more tedious than anything. If they could make them suspenseful instead of annoying I wouldn’t mind them but they’re just annoying.

wesnytsfs14d ago

I hate escort missions I think in any game.