MacLife Review: Topple


"If Tetris and Jenga ever, um, did it, their offspring would look a lot like Topple. The game combines colorful, uniquely shaped blocks (there's your Tetris DNA) and whoa!, whoa! stacking (all Jenga). Oh, and because this unholy union defies various laws of nature, all the blocks have faces. It's weird, yeah, but cute and ridiculously fun to play.

In the game, a block starts out at the top of screen. You drag it to a spot on the bottom, rotating it via two-fingered multi-touch, if necessary. Your goal is to build a balanced tower that reaches a specified height without tipping over. If a block doesn't fit your stacking plan, you can fling it off into oblivion, though if you lose or fling four blocks, you lose the game.

So where's the challenge? As with Jenga, the higher "

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