10 years on from the PS4, I'm lamenting the PlayStation that could have been

When I realised recently that the PS4 would be turning 10 years old today, I truly felt every single one of those years right down to my bones. I might only be 26 but, jeez, that amount of time sure does change a person. It gets you to reflect on just what those changes are; who do I still have in my life, am I happy with who I've become, and most importantly, does PlayStation finally have games?
Sorry to bring up that old bit of PS3 discourse when we're meant to be talking about the PS4, but looking back on the last generation (and all the time that's passed since it arrived), I've come to see just how much of a shift PlayStation made from the platform it was, to the platform it now is. And I don't think I like it.

Brazz15d ago

Playstatio used to be a better place, far away from all the GAAS... They better put their shit together, before Xbox can use all the "new" studios/Ip's and steal the momentum.

isarai14d ago

While I groan at PlayStations GAAS focus, I don't think MSs even harder GAAS focus and lack of quality is going to "steal the momentum"

Unknown_Gamer579414d ago

I agree. If anything, Sony is trying too hard and failing to be MS, but when Sony are themselves, they mop the floor with their closest competitor.

Also, I do not understand the line of thinking that company producing fewer exclusives than usual and focusing more on GAAS had better watch out for company who still somehow turns out even less games and focuses even more on GAAS. Anyone who genuinely dislikes the track PlayStation is on should be that much more critical of the path MS has been on for even longer.

FinalFantasyFanatic14d ago


I do agree, it feels like Sony is trying to emulate Xbox for whatever weird reason, Playstation already dunks on Xbox and has for generations. So to see them head in the direction they are now is mind boggling.

S2Killinit14d ago

“All the Gaas”

What gaas? They haven't even released any…

ApocalypseShadow14d ago

They don't care. It's just the same dumb narrative they continue to spew.

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DeusFever15d ago

How far back in time are we going? Remember the days of Atari 2600 when one person would code an entire game in 6 months? Good times. Though not really.

Retroman14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

As a 65 year old gamer I agree with who published this article . Playstation has changed over the years, im staying with my PS3 and PS4 consoles. they have games i enjoy, PS5 is a Whole another level for me im not willing to take that step into open world type games. far as for me Playstation do Not have games I enjoy anymore few trickle here and there.

phoenixwing14d ago

He better be on switch or pc because xbox is watered down playstation

Retroman14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Last time I owned any Nintendo products was Super Nintendo
back in the day. I would Never buy a Switch.
Sorry my liking of games not your cup of tea . I can't see myself playing the same game since 2006
same format but different titles over and over and over and over again to 2023 I like variety different platforms.

ravinash14d ago

I remember back in the day going from Spectrum to C64 to Amega to console/PC... developers were always trying new things and we as gamers were always spoiled for choice.
These days its the big dev names have a hard time giving us new games, because of big budgets they can't risk make something that will fail. so in the end we just end up with the same small group of games over and over with just a new number at the end but not really a new game at all.