MacLife Review: FriendZoo


"FriendZoo is an oddball utility that lets you supplant the built-in Contacts app with one that depicts each of your entries as a zoo animal. A sad zoo animal, actually. In order to cheer up the dejected creature, you must communicate with that contact by way of FriendZoo. Tapping the animal brings up the contact's information, and you can then place calls, send texts, and fire off email to that person. (FriendZoo is just a front-end; all communications are handed off to the built-in apps.)

Assuming you're diligent enough to route all your communications through FriendZoo, you can sort the contact list by popularity. The app groups your contacts into categories such as "acknowledged," "neglected" and "ignored," giving you a nice guilt trip for not calling grandma more often. You can max out a contact's happiness with just five calls, texts, or emails, but your reward is nothing more than a half-hearted smile as a crowd forms around the creature. FriendZoo adds no animations or sound effects; just a smile slapped on top of the already dull and depressing artwork."

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