Why Do Some Games Release Without New Game Plus?

So many games seem to release without new game plus. Why does there seem to be so many games adding it in as a feature after launch?

isarai16d ago

Honestly I feel a lot of modes are just devs overthinking it, most would be happy with just starting over with the same stats, but they always want to add some extra layers and loot to it and that's what I think delays it till after launch. And don't get me wrong I appreciate the want to add more, but like I just finished RoboCop and all I want to do is start over, or even replay missions with my new abilities and there's no way to do that yet.

gold_drake16d ago

yea its abit odd.

i replay alot of the games i like andbwhile i dont mind starting from scratch, sometimes it would be more fun with some extra goodies that carried over from my previous file.

Plague-Doctor2715d ago

I think Sony does it to give their titles a little bump after a month or so of sales. They've done that with a few titles. I think they did the same deal with photo modes

TiredGamer15d ago

It’s so that the relevance of a game can be extended over time. Instead of offering New Game + from day one, developers can add it in a future update that will then give gamers an excuse to dust off the title. This leads to fresh news coverage, increased traffic and discourse, and prevents a game from fading away in a few weeks.

It’s a bit of that GaaS/episodic factor that attempts to prolong the relevance of a multi-year development and generate more buzz and profit.

P_Bomb15d ago

Chapter select please. For the missables.

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Mr_cheese6d ago

Their top 3

1)Alan wake 2
2)Balderstone gate 3
3)Spiderman 2

Rocketisleague6d ago

Balderstone sounds like some nerds autocorrect got in there

DarXyde6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

You know you had a very rigorously competitive year with plenty of variety in opinion when neither Wonder (#7 on this list) nor Tears of the Kingdom (#4) are in the top 3.

Personally, I really enjoyed SMB Wonder and it's my personal GOTY, but my point is that this year was insane for games.

jznrpg6d ago

I would have played BG3 and Alan Wake 2 day 1 if they didn’t go digital only at launch. I have BG3 ordered so I’ll play it when it releases physically for PS5 but Alan Wake 2 I may end up waiting for a long time since they haven’t announced a physical copy yet that I know of.

monkey6026d ago

I completely mirror those sentiments. I havent played either yet and I cant wait to either but holding on for physical or a decent sale price to go digital

GamingSinceForever6d ago

Alan Wake doesn’t have the greatest combat but the tlc put into it is evident. There is definitely nothing like it.

I wouldn’t be opposed to it taking most GOTY awards.

bazookasDAD6d ago

I have yet to play Baldurs Gate 3 or Alan wake but there is no denying 2023 has been a great year for gaming. With that said, my personal favorite game this year is Dave the Diver. Pure Joy.

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