Secret Service Agent Mayden Joins GrandChase

James Bell says: "The mobile RPG GrandChase has released the newest SR 5 star Hero, the Secret Service Agent Mayden, along with various events."

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Korean singer Eunha is the adorable voice behind Grand Chase's theme song

'Grand Chase' is a mobile game specialized for the kakaogames platform, and Korean singer Eunha has been chosen to sing the upbeat tune for the side-scrolling adventure.

Teflon022166d ago

Gran Chase is a PC game that was basically brought to Mobile... The game is quite old


Grand Chase Closes Servers After 7 Years

Grand Chase close their doors after more than 7 years of live service in North America. The popular side-scrolling fantasy MMORPG from KOG Games closes its doors today in North America, with a planned farewell livestream and a “Thanks and Goodbye” video from Grand Chase’s Developers and GM’s, tournament champions and more.

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Grand Chase’s Hardest Dungeon Is Unforgiving

The dungeon’s big selling point is that you’ll only get one shot at it per run.

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