Despite Troubles, Payday 3's Launch Still "Exceeded" Dev Expectations

Payday 3 suffered a half-baked launch due to matchmaking issues, but the game has still exceeded the dev's sales expectations.

Snookies1298d ago

The question is, will it retain that playerbase for long? I enjoyed what I played of the first level. Haven't really done much outside of that though. Was waiting on some friends to hop on with me but our schedules haven't lined up yet.


Payday 3 offline mode is finally coming to PS5 and Xbox, with a catch

Four months after Payday 3 launched on Xbox and PlayStation, work on a Payday 3 offline mode is finally underway but it might be too late.

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LG_Fox_Brazil6d ago

The 'offline mode' needs internet connection? Huh?

gold_drake6d ago

huh ??
whats the point of an offline mode if u need an internet connection haha so dumb.

clevernickname6d ago

I wish more games had the option for AI companions/bots instead of forcing your to play online.

Inverno6d ago

Remember when lan parties were the norm, and people were shitting on ubi for their always online bs that most other devs would avoid doing the same? Good times.

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Starbreeze Admits Payday 3 Falls Short of Expectations

Starbreeze Studios faces a challenging launch with Payday 3, acknowledging the game's performance is below anticipated levels.

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RaidenBlack9d ago

and paid influencers to give +ve early impressions

LG_Fox_Brazil9d ago

It's quite impressive that PayDay 2 has 17.204 players right now on Steam, while PayDay 3 has 336


Payday 2 doesn't even deserve that, and you can probably point towards its discounted price given its age for the reason why its current player count sits above Payday 3. Let's forget reviews from critics for a moment and focus on what gamers like you and I think. The 1st game received a rating of 6.5, Payday 2 received a rating of 4, and the last installment received a rating of 3.1. The franchise is trash and always has been. I'm not sure why it receives anything but negative press.

Filthyswine8d ago

It's because the game had identity for its time, and most importantly was easily accessible. Simple gameplay, it ran even on potatoes, and was coop focused; all formula for it spreading like the plague. Honestly just like Team Fortress.
I will disagree with you on the front that it's trash. Just mediocre. However people have an extreme positivity bias towards it because it's pretty much a game everyone has played, probably had some hearty multiplayer experiences to cherish and stuff.

Profchaos8d ago

Why bother polishing a game when Xbox will pay you for it sight unseen

TheProfessional8d ago

What does that have to do with it? The first two were stull huge on PC and PS so no way they rushed this just to get money from gamepass. And ever heard of early access? The whole industry has been releasing broken games lately.

Profchaos8d ago

It was pushed as a day 1 gamepass title and the quality wasn't up to snuff

Murdability8d ago

I wish there were more stealth mechanics but I understand if they don’t add that

purple1018d ago

how will fairgame$ compare do people think..

I never played payday at all

Profchaos8d ago

I've got low expectations for fairgame

Tacoboto8d ago

Fairgame$, don't forget that stupid little $ in its name.

And to think Sony thought that studio was worth buying. With a CG trailer announcement I can't think of a worse way to first show it to the world.

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Payday 3 Syntax Error DLC Details Revealed: New Heist, Weapons, and More

The upcoming Payday 3 Syntax Error DLC will bring a new heist, new weapons, a new enemy type, and a new skill line to the game.