MacLife Review: Aurora Feint II: The Arena

MacLife writes:

"Aurora Feint II: The Arena is less a sequel to Aurora Feint: The Beginning than a refinement of its winning, tile-matching RPG formula. But the biggest addition--a new, online combat option--disappoints.
Aside from introducing additional power-ups and scoring combos, Arena's gameplay is just like Beginning's. You match tiles like a puzzle game, but boost a character's weapons and power like a role-playing game. Leveling up still requires multiple steps, but thorough onscreen instructions help guide new players.

Online battles are quick––nice for mobile gaming––but feel more like playing against the clock than a rival. There's only one game type and no actual, live multiplayer––even over local Wi-Fi. Instead, you first play a special round of the game to "summon" a Ghost, your customized computer-controlled AI. This identity lives on Aurora Feint's servers to be challenged anytime. This always-on approach makes it easy to find friends' and strangers' Ghosts. But the matches feel empty, since you're not reacting to a person in real-time."

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