MacLife Review: Orions: Legend of Wizards

MacLife writes:

"The card game, War, works on a fairly simple ruleset. Two players split the deck. Each player shows their top card. The player with the higher numbered card takes both cards for their own deck. Gradually, one player will end up with all the cards and be declared victor. Fantasy card game, Orions: Legend of Wizards, takes this simple premise and adds a few more elements. First, a player's health is contingent upon hit-points instead of the amount of cards in their deck. Second, each card is evaluated based on creature or spell attributes instead of a single number.
These changes create whole new layers of strategy in Orions. You can lay down a series of creatures to defend yourself--think of a line of pawns on a chessboard--or you can cast spells like Fireball that directly decrease the opposing player's health. The game's built-in tutorial explains the rules in more depth, but the battles themselves are fast-paced and well-balanced, with creatures' strengths and weaknesses fitting together in Rock-Paper-Scissors combinations."

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