Best First Quarter for Video Games Ever

People just made it through the holiday rush, wallets scraped bare from last year's heaviest hitters, and there are no fewer than eleven quality games about to rush them. The first quarter (January through March) is usually a time of "catch-up," where you play all the stuff that keeps piling up on your teetering backlog of games. Not happening this time.

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Lou-Cipher3571d ago

I am very excited for the early 2009 games

I have just preordered:

Street Fighter 4: Collectors Edition
Tom Clancy's: H.A.W.X.
MLB 2009: The Show
Resident Evil 5
The Godfather 2
Killzone 2

and as soon as I can pick up a used copy, I will probably get:
Halo Wars (not a Halo fan, but Im into RTS games)
Star Ocean 4
Ninja Blade (might look into a little bit more before making a final decision)

Sony PlayStation 33571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Q1 is looking quite good!

KillZone 2 is at the top of my list :D

STARS3571d ago

Killzone 2 and RE5 = best first quarter ever. =)