PS Blog: CES 2009: Inside EA's upcoming Home Sports Complex

You've seen the trailer, now get your guided tour of EA Sports' Home space from the CES show floor. EA Senior Producer Robert Burnett shows off the digs, talks mini-games, stat progression, and exclusive poker bracelets for you high rollers out there. Hey, we're in Vegas!

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BulletToothtony3568d ago

This is EXACLY how home will evolve over live... Nothing against live.. live does it's job well.

This is towards the people who hate on the ps3 who say... home sucks and what's the point of it!!

This is the point.. to socialize and expand horizons to have more fun with your console and friends!! To play even more games for FREE without even buying games!

Shadow Flare3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

That was awesome. I can't wait for that. If i knew nothing about the gaming industry, i'd say that's the kind of service you'd expect to have from a network you get charged $50 to use. It's on the free network you say? So what do you get on the $50 network? Avatars?...brilliant....(cough )......

Cwalat3568d ago

i gotta Say.. WOW..

i'm really one of those.. "home is empty" kind of guys..

but after this.. i can agree that Home has alot of potential..

i mean, if all other publishers and gamestudioes take the step...

chaosatom3568d ago

Home feel like a community.

wil4hire3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

I love it.

EA is going to set the bar for how home spaces should be, I want to see how other publishers will up the ante. I never expected this kind of result from home, and its great to see that EA eerily is the first to pickup on it and "Get it".


1. Whatever garbage you are trying to sell to me as a consumer.
2. A reason to be in the space to see the garbage you are trying to sell to me as a consumer.
3. Things to show other people to see that they too should come visit to see what garbage things they are trying to sell them.
4. A reason to come back in between the new released garbage.

Racing game

I want this NOW. Sony should push this one through the gates since we are in an open beta. More stuff like this clearly illustrates that Home is more than sitting down and doing the running man.

Dude, what if cities started getting involved into home? Like LAS VEGAS? To where its a "come visit this place because of this" How incredible would that be? Like each city has a convention center. Have games/themes tied into the cities. Might be more $ than its worth, but seeing that poker table makes me want to go to a virtual stripclub and spend virtual dollars on virtual "students" that need my help.

Aclay3568d ago

Stuff like this will make people actually want to go into HOME. When I first saw this video, it really made me want to jump into HOME right away.

Once this releases, I have a feeling a lot more people that haven't downloaded HOME will be downloading it. This is just the beginning of the Evolution of HOME.

xlg3568d ago

Only those with a lot of $$$$$$$ are the ones that are going to push Home like EA, SquareEnix, etc... but What about the small developers? How are they going to look like in this enviroment?

whoelse3567d ago

Can't wait till March then!

rockleex3567d ago

It will stay boring for all of eternity because despite the title "beta" it will not ever change and Sony will never add more content into Home!

I don't like talking to pedophile cowboys who want to invite me to their virtual apartment!

Barbie dolls! Second Life! Sausage fest! Glitches! Blah blah blah!

/end sarcasm rant

rockleex3567d ago

This has shut all the haters up.

From the very beginning, anyone with any logic knew this was the intended direction for Home. But of course, Rome was not built in a day, and neither is Home.

When the Home Open Beta came out, many people were saying it was pointless and will never amount to anything.

Then us people with logic countered with the argument that Home is a Beta and will constantly change over time. Guess what?

Ta-Da!!!!! ^_^

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MaximusPrime3568d ago

home is on course to become a system seller.

Playstation is back

butterfinger3568d ago

I must admit that I wasn't terribly excited when this was announced, but the new video really has me excited about it:) I can't wait to see what Home will look like in a year from now after all of these updates just keep on coming!

THC CELL3568d ago

RIP xbox live u wish you had this type of exclusive

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