Prototype is 'all crunch, but no munch' (Destructoid Preview)

Destructoid writes:
"It's been awhile since we've seen or heard anything from Radical Entertainment and its third-person, open-world action title Prototype. In fact, the last time we really heard anything new about the game was last year's San Francisco Game Developers Conference. And then when Activision got its claws into Sierra Entertainment, Prototype's former publisher, Radical Entertainment went dark.

Now, with the game shipping for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this summer and Activision Blizzard taking over publishing duties, they're ready to talk. Today, they've released new screens and a trailer for the game, which reveals a bit about the gameplay and story. More specifically, the game's lead, Alex Mercer, talks about how he can absorb the memories, abilities, and identity of anyone using his mysterious mutant powers."

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DrWan4202d ago

Graphic wise, Sucker Punch's Infamous wins by the miles but gameplay wise, Prototype seems to be more intense and maybe more variable?? Since Cole can only use lightning power, but this guy seems to be mainly a melee mutant. So it will be interesting to see which game scores better when it comes out.

T-Baggins4202d ago

They release so far apart I don't think they will effect each other even if they're exactly the same. I personally think Infamous will be better but prototype does look very promising (but the textures look like a$$)