Star Ocean: The Last Hope Will Stay on the 360

The Star Ocean games have traditionally found a home on Sony's various consoles, including the upcoming Star Ocean: Second Evolution for the PSP. However, in a recent Q & A the IGN Xbox Team held with the Star Ocean development team, it was confirmed that Star Ocean: The Last Hope will not be heading to the PS3.

In the interview, the team is explicitly asked if there is "any chance of seeing Star Ocean 4 made for the PlayStation 3." Their answer: "there are currently no plans for a PlayStation 3 version." So Last Hope will be staying on the 360 for the time being, though you never know if plans will change down the line.

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panasonic233572d ago

man 360 getting all of jrp and rpg games

wil4hire3572d ago

But yea, they are shelling out plenty. But Im sure rpg fans would rather have fewer good games. Than more mediocre ones.

Why dis3572d ago

More mediocre ones vs a few bad ones?

Genesis53572d ago

Thats not what it says on the box.

INehalemEXI3572d ago

It will come to PS3 eventually, good thing I got my 360 though. :D

AAACE53572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

They're just saying that to get as many sales for the 360 version, so that people see a need to buy a 360. The Ps3 version will be released later.

Edit: I saw so many negative comments I had to point something out... If MS wasn't in the games industry, most of their games (or games only on 360 and PC smart @ss) would be games only on Ps3! The worst part is... The fanboys would love them and claim they were the greatest thing in the world! But because they are on a console they don't like (HATE), they view the games as garbage.

Sad indeed!

Need proof? Alot of gamers didn't know alot about WKC before it was released, yet they said it would be the greatest RPG for a long time... just cause they were pissed about the FFXIII announcement! Even though they were saying the same thing about FFXIII before it was multiplat.

A fanboys logic will never make sense to me!

rroded3572d ago

lol no one else finds the games name ironic?
Heres hoping it rocks and it sells tho it might just stay 360 exclusive depending on the contract they signed.

Mozilla893572d ago

Unless Microsoft bought this game it still might. Bioshock was repeatedly denied to be coming to the PS3 and we all know how that turned out. If it doesn't oh well.

wil4hire3572d ago

It does read odd. But thats what I meant to say.

If there was a choice.

iamtehpwn3572d ago


Square Enix's honesty depends on dollar/yen signs.

kevoncox3572d ago

I find it funny when Ps3 fanboys diss the 360's rpgs but they ps3 has like 2 rpgs 1 of which was on the 360. It's like you talking about my car when you take the bus everywhere you go.

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ali3123572d ago

Sqeenix stated earlier they wanted to expand in the west, with the crap they have released so far and the dire sales figures in both Japan and the western world I can sure you these games will come out on the PS3. JRPG are games only liked by a few people in the west, and the turn based attack systems dont sell well here. Squeenix went fo the money and they will lose their fans!!!

La Chance3572d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Lost Odyssey 8/10/10 average

Eternal Sonata 8/10 average

Blue dragon 8/10 average

Tales of Vesperia 8/10 average

And you call that "mediocre" ?!

im a jrpg fan and 8/10 for a jrpg for me is pretty good.

P.S And I admit Infinite Undiscovery sucks.

edit : its funny to see you guys saying its coming to PS3 and at the same time believe that Versus will stay PS3 exclusive.... you guys think that Versus though FF13 is multiplat will stay PS3 exclusive but think that Star Ocean Last Hope 360 exclusive will go multiplat....just think a second guys and realise how stupid that sounds.

Ssxtreme363572d ago

Are you serious? i favor the ps3 more than the 360 and i've got to admit that the game looks spectacular.....maybe we weren't looking at the same game?

if you liked so3 (willing to bet you havent played it) then i think you'd love this game. to be honest, star ocean 3 got me into the star ocean series.....seeing this only gets me more excited to see this game come to next gen consoles....

and im willing to bet money that so4 will be coming to ps3.....maybe not this year but its highly likely to come eventually....

IzKyD13313571d ago

"it was confirmed that Star Ocean: The Last Hope will not be heading to the PS3."

It was also confirmed the Star Ocean: The Last Hope will sell like crap

solidt123571d ago

Thats BS. They always say that.

Lucreto3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )


Yes they did score well but they didn't sell well. Blue Dragon for instance has sold less than WKC and that has been out two weeks.

It is sad the SE have to use MS money as a buffer for poor sales but I am surprised they didn't release it on the PS3 in Japan even to make a natural profit not free money profit.

It is funny also 360 fanboys are comparing sales to score. It was yesterday one of them stated that it is not the review scores that matter but how well it sells. La Chance must have not ha got the memo.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Will Stay on the 360 = Sad day for RPG fans.

hazeblaze3571d ago

No way around it, this news really sucks for PS3'ers. Most of the JRPG's on the 360 this gen have been either mediocre or sucky... but I expect this one to be pretty good. Hopefully.

FrankenLife3571d ago

It sounds like I may get a reason to turn my 360 back on.... But first there are plenty of other games that I need to get through.

Sez 3571d ago

"Yes they did score well but they didn't sell well"

i thought you guys said sales don't matter. now they do when it comes to RPG on the 360. i mean didn't LBP get great reviews.but sales was lackluster. but sales don't matter because it got good reviews. right.
hypocrite much.

thats_just_prime3571d ago

SE loves the 360 just look at what happen with FF13 and they have 2 other exclusive on the 360 (3 if you count LR) so its not a surprise this is an exclusive. If you want next gen rpgs the 360 is the way to go. If you just want rpgs try a ds lol

Danja3571d ago

SO:4 is a timed exclusive at best but im sure it will eventually come to the PS3 since PS3 is obviously the Better HD platform to sell RPG's on

GUNS N SWORDS3571d ago

i loved lost odyssey and BD, even with all the games that are out now i still manage to have time to play both :)

if any gamer wanted to make an RPG library those 2 games would belong in that library, even with what some have said about the 2.

FF7numba13571d ago

not sure what review la chance is using but i'm pretty sure Tales series was the only 1 the reviewers didn't think was ok. As I have Es for ps3 its pretty good but doesn't count.

Tov: 83.3

I guess if round and change it to 1 to 10. then its 8,8,8,7,7. Guess hes right.

SaiyanFury3571d ago

Namco Bandai also insisted that there were "no plans" for a PS3 version of Eternal Sonata. Well now, here I am playing it on my PS3 and loving every minute of it. Star Ocean 4 will almost certainly see a PS3 release sometime down the road as other "360 exclusive" RPGs did. I'm looking at you Enchanted Arms.

Sprudling3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

That's because "no plans" can mean two things:
1. They actually have no plans.
2. They have plans but can't say it, due to a (timed exclusive) contract.

The lack of an exclusive sticker on the box is a pretty good indicator of what it means this time. He even says "...though you never know if plans will change down the line." as if we should expect a "change" in plans :)

SaiyanFury3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

That's exactly it, "you never know if plans will change down the line". Considering that SO4 is a Japanese RPG, it's kind if suicidal to release a game like it only on the 360 which has less than 50% of the HD console sales in Japan. The PS3 is well over 2 million and the 360 is something like 800,000. The Japanese HD fanbase obviously favour the PS3 over the 360 even though the 360 has the JRPG edge. That said, S-E seems to favour the 360 in terms of western sales, but considering the bulk of their sales in JRPG games comes from Japan, it's not exactly logical to keep a JRPG like SO4, where the core fanbase is Japanese, exclusive to the 360. They made FFXIII available on the 360 in the western territories so a release of SO4 on the PS3 isn't so unthinkable.

This article on N4G shows what I'm talking about.

The PS3 sells about 3 times the amount of consoles as the 360 based simply on adoption rate. JRPG developers would be committing suicide to deny a PS3 version of their games.

NO_PUDding3571d ago


Money bought this 'exclusive', and money also bought the PR denial. I expect to see SO4 on PS3 soon.

FFXIII on the 360 is only in US, not becuase Sony paid for it, but becuase there was a contractual agreements. No doubt there were loopholes, but I think Versus is reasonably safe. And if not it will be exclsuive in japan, where it matters.

This game WILL come to the PS3.

prowiew3571d ago

Star Ocean is my most anticipated game of 2009. Definitely more than White knight but less than killzone. So it is in second place

jadenkorri3571d ago

seriously, to hate squaresoft for wanting to make more money, cmon, be like hating MS for making the 360, hating sony for making the playstation, etc etc, i have no problems with multiplat games, but when their timed exclusive to a console its f'in annoying.. This is why i hate MS, peope claim sony did the same thing, they didn't, they paid for exclusives, nothing was ever timed, none that i was aware of anyways... funny thou, ps3 users wait for timed exclusive games, yet FF13 for ps3, which we know is done, we have to wait for while the 360 version is made...

NickIni3571d ago

If you think about this logically, it really doesn't make sense.

Japan is the main market for this genre/game, and that is also the place where PS3 is the dominant console. Even if every single Xbox owner in Japan buys it, that's still only 800K copies.

That just doesn't make sense. There missing out on a lot of money by making it a 360 exclusive. But whatever. If SEs latest record for JRPGs are anything to go by, I won't be buying this.

gambare3571d ago

man PS3 is getting all the worthy exclusives

incogneato3571d ago

lame article, this is what they always say. WOW BIG NEWS. not

anyway who cares, the second star ocean was the last good one. the new ones are gay

Doppy3571d ago

If I'm not mistaken I believe Square said that it's a good thing Final Fantasy 13 is going mulitplat, because people who only own a 360 won't have to go out and buy a PS3 just to play the game.

So why is that gamers have to go out and buy a Xbox 360 if they don't have one to play Star Ocean. I for one don't mind games going multiplat, but when you state something like they said above they should apply it to every game and not just one.

It's clear Microsoft has been throwing money in Square's direction, or else this wouldn't be happening. Even after a slew of exclusives JRPS's being released in Japan for the Xbox 360 it's has not managed to make a scratch in the territory. Yet Square keeps on throwing RPG's there way. Come on people Square's not sitting there saying "Wow that 360 sure is bring in a lot of profit for us let's make more exclusives for it."

I have no clue what Square is thinking. It's obvious that after your first couple of games tanking that the 360 is not where your audience is, so either make the games multiplat with the PS3 or make them exclusively for the Wii since most of Japan owns a Wii already. It's clear what Microsoft is trying to do. Yes they want to make an impact in Japan, but if the can't they don't want the PS3 to be able to do it either which is why their buying up as many JRPG's as they can.

Stop being MS prostitutes Square and open up to all of us.

gaffyh3571d ago

"No Plans" = Either they are waiting to see if it sells enough, if it does then stays 360 exclusive, if it doesn't goes multiplatform OR MS has a exclusivity contract for a few months (like Bioshock).

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Why dis3572d ago

Please go vent in the forums. You get all your bubbles acting like that?

Lelouch V Brit3572d ago

"yay another average square rpg"

At Least We Get RPG Games.

Bnet3433572d ago

Please, people say Blue Dragon is a bad RPG and I think it's good. It might not be the best but at least you have a JRPG to play with. Same thing for every other JRPG on the Xbox 360.

thebudgetgamer3571d ago

you dont like it when people flame pro 360 articles look in the mirror. check my history i am a fan of the 360 and plan on getting one as soon as uncle sam cuts me a check. i am just proving a point the same people that are angry at me do the same thing on pro ps3 articles


Monkey5213571d ago

Open Zone is that way ====>

Take the console war with you. If any of you want to talk trash, don't do it here.

jadenkorri3571d ago

I can't see square ignoring Japan, considering that star ocean is very popular over there more over than out west here in US/Canada, delayed yes, but will be its prob already made, like good ol MS, timed exclusive, which is why im willing to wait for Last Remenant and Star Ocean, im busy anyways so being delayed gives me more time to finish my other games...people can disagree all you want, but Star Ocean will be on the ps3/360, dunno about the Wii, be kinda kewl if it was...

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kodiak3572d ago


Owned on ps3fanboys

user8586213572d ago

actually no cuz 2k said we wasnt gona get bioshock and ermmm look waa happened :)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3572d ago

LOL you got a sh!ty looking 10fps port of Bioshock a year later, a game you all called "Biosh!ty" untill you got it. Bioshock was never an exclusive, it was timed, this however is "exclusive" so go cry someplace else.

BLUR1113572d ago

LOL no matter how big of scum the PS3 fanboys are they are simply amusing.

fire233572d ago

Well of course they are going to say, buy it now, don't wait for us to make it. But i think it probably will come to PS3 for the money sake.

solidjun53572d ago

Of course they won't say anything. They want to maximize the amount of copies sold. I mean, anything can change. They said the same thing for FFXIII and look happened.

Kira833571d ago

seem to remember 2k saying the same thing about bioshock