Sony grants Free Playstation 3s to fans

Last night HDGN.COM reported that Dwyane Wade, of the Miami Heat, received a free Playstation 3 after winning the Playstation Skills Competition. (See the article here.)

Apparently Dwade was not the only person to receive a free PS3 but a whole section of arena spectators. The way the giveaway worked was each competitor in the Playstation Skills Competition was assigned a section of the arena. If said competitor won the competition then every spectator sitting in that section got a free Playstation 3. The exact number of recipients is not known, however one thing is for sure it was a fairly large number.

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Grown Folks Talk4286d ago

the fans got a free PSP and nba 07, not PS3s.

GaMr-4286d ago

I always thought HDGN.COM was a little Sony Biased. Along with C-net,Gamespot,Game Informer and Kotaku.

Anyways can you get me a link to that or Add it as an alternative source. I can understand the PSP though. That thing is having serious sales issues. I say thats nothing a price cut wont fix but they refuse to drop the PSP price to somethin reasonable.

Grown Folks Talk4286d ago

i was actually watching it. wade got a ps3, and they announced that the section of the crowd got PSPs and nba 07. i don't think the site said it due to bias. i think they just misunderstood the announcement. it was kind of muffled behind all of the other noise. maybe if you have nba loving friends, somebody recorded it. it might even end up on youtube.

GaMr-4286d ago

Ok i'll check it out. Yeah your prolli right about the biased thing. lol I get a little carried away sometimes. Its just that I see Flamebait tossed in every direction its actually kinda of hard to tell anymore.

SuperSaiyan44286d ago

Sony really cannot afford to be giving away PS3's unless its cheaper than Jack Trenton having to fork out $1200 for every PS3 that is still sitting on the shelve for more than 5mins lol!

Juevani4286d ago

did gates give u anything but d1ck?? and hiden fees.. poor junk heads...

THAMMER14286d ago (Edited 4286d ago )

In Oct. 2005 Pepsi and M$ gave away 1 360 every ten min. for a whole month. And I won one. HA!!!

Grown Folks Talk4286d ago

why is that so hard for you? they got PSPs not 3s. and there are 2 ds in hidden.

wolfgang4286d ago

Seriously dude I think you have Tourette Syndrome. Go read the DSM-IV.

Legionaire20054286d ago

The fans won PSPs not PS3s!!!! I know this because I watch the competition on TV. How did this become news with disinfomation?

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