Why Does Sony Need A Halo Killer?

You know with Killzone 2 coming out next month everyone is screaming halo killer but why does Sony need a halo killer? It's just one game, what we should be saying "Does Microsoft have God of War killer? or a Gran Turismo killer?"

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sajj3163571d ago



Bowser has been trying to kill Mario for decades. Hasn't worked.


Shadow Flare3571d ago

We all agree that COD4 was already a halo-killer, but Killzone 2 is so far ahead of Halo its a joke to compare the 2. Killzone 2 might not sell more then Halo 3. Halo is hyped by microsoft to the extreme with crap like 'Halo soda'. But as a game, Killzone 2 rapes Halo 3. End of.

sajj3163571d ago

The thing is ... even if Killzone 2 has arguable better

1. FPS mechanics
2. Storyline
3. Graphics

A Halo fan will always be a fan of Halo. COD4 was and is still the best FPS I've played. Regarding KZ2. I don't think its going to kill Halo. Just humble it.

Shadow Flare3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I'm uncertain whether Killzone 2 will beat Halo 3 in terms of sales. It should if there's any justice. And like you said, i don't think it's going to steal all the fans from the halo fanbase. 90% of them aren't old enough to play Killzone 2 anyway. I'm just saying 'as a game', Killzone 2 kills Halo 3. Now that is a sweet justice considering how everyone viewed Killzone 1. Good job Guerilla

Kleptic3571d ago

i'm guessing Killzone 2 will top 6 million by the time its all said and done...the feasibility of the genre is higher than some like MGS4...which is all over high 4 millions now...and there is a much larger PS3 installed base than there was for the 360 when gears 1 launched...which topped at about 5.5 million...6 seems pretty reasonable, 7 if Sony markets it right...and maybe 8 if Sony cuts the price of the console in line with the release of the game...

Aaron Greenturd3571d ago

Sony needs a Halo killer, because my company has trained (and paid) the media to say such nonsense.

In all reality, Microsoft needs a PlayStation killer, and guess what: it's not the Xbox 360.

If we were confident in our products, n4g wouldn't have 1/10th of the anti-Sony articles it does.

More anti-Sony news = more fear for me and my company.

INehalemEXI3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I think both MS and Sony need to pick a game to pack into every sku so that wii sports and wiiplay can be killed. That game that ships in every system sold, I want to see one from MS and Sony next time around. Support your flagship franchise to the max.

Ju3571d ago

[pack games] They do. Why do you think Lego Indiana Jones and KungFu Panda is in the top ten ? (or close to it).

INehalemEXI3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Thats not what I mean, various bundles is different , I mean just like wii has wii sports in every wii sold. I want to see the same for 720, and PS4 just not a wii sports game , but there flagships I want to see a game ready at launch and packed into every system from the start of the gen to the end.

If you look at franchise #'s sold you see this really helps a franchise and it also helps move the hardware. The fact that the online community's on PSN and XBL are so solid it would be really good if the game they chose to bundle into every sku would be something with online multiplayer. Halo 4 or Gears 3 in every 720 sku for instance, or KZ3 or R4 in every PS4.Is what I would want to see.

Why dis3571d ago

PS3 is in last place don't forget that while enjoying all these corny articles

tatotiburon3571d ago

it's simple. Killzone 2 will never outsold any Halo Game and KZ2 it's amazing but the fanbase of Halo is Huge, K2 will never have that and halo will remain as the most playable FPS of any console.

-GametimeUK-3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Halo3 has to be possibly the greatest FPS game ever made... Certantly the best this gen... I am not looking forward to KZ2 in the slightest since KZ1 sucked... Its like me hyping Haze2 or Too Human2... I dont hype sequels to crappy games... I hype sequels to great games like MGS4...

But Halo has some of the best visuals this gen... The art design is brilliant and the world seems full of life and is very vibrant... Visually its better than Killzone2... But I cant see the gameplay in KZ2 topping Halo either...

Halo has Story, Coop and competitive multiplayer...Not to mention forge and the ability to save replays and screenies... The fact that the game controls so good too KZ2 has a lot to live up to and if im being honest I expect it to fall short by a lot...

If KZ2 is good I will pick it up but it doesnt even look close to being a better game than Halo3... Halo all round looks like the better game with better visuals, possibly better soundtrack and the gameplay looks much better...

I cant hype sequels to crap games... I wouldnt hype Haze2, Too Human2 or Lair2 etc etc... I would hype god of war3 and uncharted2 since they have earned it...

Anyway im not saying KZ2 is worse than Halo... I will decide when I play it...But im not expecting much at all since the first one sucked... Halo looks set to be best FPS this gen

Shadow Flare3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Your 360 may be on fire. Don't forget that while you're typing on your pc

Graphics Whore3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Get out, put your pants back on, and get out.

I appreciate art, I appreciate it on a more technical level preferably not in pink and lime green with rainbows.

-GametimeUK-3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

thats the type of response I would expect from a graphics whore who doesnt appreciate art...

o well back to LBP

Halochampian3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

"90% of them aren't old enough to play Killzone 2 anyway"

Is killzone 2 rated AO? Halo is a M rated title. So is Killzone 2.

While there is a large amount of young players, I'm most certain that a majority of Halo players are above the age of 18.

COD4 is not a Halo killer due to it being a different style of FPS. Killzone 2 is going for the same sort of feal as COD4 and should be trying to be the "COD4 killer"

Halo is revolutionary whether people want to accept it or not. Every game brought something new to the table. Whether it was the matchmaking in Halo 2, or the forge and endless amount of custom ability.

@Graphics whore

I'm sorry that you can't appreciate the games are a form of art and aren't always about trying to look life-like

cmrbe3571d ago

is subjective. For me personally i play games for their SP and in that regards Halo 3 was a big dissapointment.

Saleswise i am pretty sure KZ2 will not outsell Halo 3 because of the current PS3 userbase. I think KZ2 will do MGS4 numbers and most likely be the number 1 PS3 exclsuive seller but it will not outsell Halo 3. The x360 userbase are more hardcore and love their shooters more imo.

Sony needs a household FPS game more than a Halo killer. Luckily for them they have 2 this gen. Sony needed KZ2 so that FPS fans would also see the PS as having a definative FPS experience which is something they could'nt say in previous gens.

rockleex3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Want to see a world full of life? Go play MGS3.

Halo3 has best visuals this gen? Are you kidding me? Mario Galaxy has about the same visuals as Halo.

Best visuals? That must be a joke since it can't even compare to Gears1 which in turn can't even compare to Uncharted1 which in turn can't even compare to Killzone2.

Gameplay? COD4 already killed Halo's gameplay. Anyone who's played the Killzone2 beta knows that Killzone2 puts COD4's gameplay to shame.

The only thing Halo3 has is the easy pick up and play factor, and lots of customization.

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Shadow Flare3571d ago

"If Microsoft’s Xbox360 system is so powerful, then why isn’t their flagship game looking somewhat close to Killzone 2"

Why does no game on 360 come close to Killzone 2?
Answer: Because Microsoft's Xbox 360 is not as powerful as the PS3

redwingsrock3571d ago

"Why does no game on 360 come close to Killzone 2?
Answer: Because Microsoft's Xbox 360 is not as powerful as the PS3"

bubble for that lol

Kleptic3571d ago

there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to counter that...we keep getting told that its not the systems...that its the fact that killzone 2 took so long and was so much money...which could be the case too...either way...doesn't change the fact that the PS3 is getting the most gorgeous game of this generation so far...and the 360...isn't...

RememberThe3573571d ago

But I wonder if Microsoft's relentlessness push of the aging Unreal Engine 3 that is holding the system back.

If you look at the potential graphics of Alan Wake for the 360, it looks really good.

Hopefully we will see more from developers in the future.

Bathyj3571d ago

UE3.0 could be holding back XB, but I doubt it, considering the 2 best looking games are Gears and Gears 2. But having said that, they definately need for purpose built engines like Alan Wakes rather than just UE3.0 all the time. Everything just starts looking samey with all the same faults.

But heres a flip side to that, I actually thing multplat games are still being held back by XB, the lowest common denominator, but I think when XB3 (please dont call it 720, thats pathetic) comes out it will raise the bar for visuals and remove the glass ceiling. PS3 will still hold its own. Its will benefit from having to keep up with XB3 and games will look better on both, much in the same way as making the PS3 lead console now brings better results to XB360.

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JhawkFootball063571d ago

It doesnt matter how better the game is, a Halo-Killer is essentially a game that is NOT MULTIPLATFORM, and sells more and faster than any of the Halos did. People say PS3 needs a Halo-Killer cause Halo sold a sh1t load of copies and is the most recognizable xbox 360 game. COD4 is not a Halo-Killer cause it was on all platforms so it cannot be called one.

Xbox Street Gang3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Because GT4 sold more than Forza 1 and 2 combined. What's the point in having a (insert) killer other than it being a my pen!s is bigger than yours type of thing. No console is dependent on one game for victory.

cereal_killa3571d ago

Ok how about Wii play Wii fit or Wii sports all of those destroyed all Halos combined.

RememberThe3573571d ago

GT destroys Halo, GTA destroys Halo, Super Mario Bros. destroys Halo... In sales. But that is not the issue.

The issue is how does Sony take the wind out of Halo's sails? They do that with an exclusive shooter that destroys it in every way.

evrfighter3571d ago

I think what you guys mean is genre wise. Technically Counterstrikes numbers would beat Halo. But in the midst of this fanboy war, sony and M$ fans always seem to forget about PC and Wii.

Otherwise if your talking platform exclusives. There's this 8000 pound gorilla called World Of Warcraft.

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Gue13571d ago

Because they want money?