Microsoft pulls plug on Win 7 beta download due to heavy traffic

Been trying to get your hands on Windows 7 beta 1 all day? You're not alone! Traffic has been so extreme that Microsoft's servers have been unable to keep up with the load. Because of this Microsoft has decided to temporarily pull the plug on the download for the time being.

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kharma453570d ago

I'm glad they posted the direct links, as they work fine - For 32bit - For 64bit

fllysurfer3570d ago

How does this activate? The codes M$ has to give you codes...right?
thanks for the link

TheIneffableBob3570d ago

The beta expires in August 2009.

TIKUP3570d ago

is this beta active forever??
so i can use it for next 2 years or whatever?
Also can i switch back to windows XP anytime? if yes how?

Charmers3570d ago

You got to be joking, no the beta will not be active forever. The best way to use the beta is with a dual booting system. I personally would not consider using a beta OS as my main OS.

Kevin McCallister3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

If you know what you're doing and you look around enough, I'm sure you can find out how to keep the beta for as long as you like :)

verb3k3570d ago

The company behind the most widely used OS can't maintain decent bandwidth?
This is a sign, probably a sign of extinction.

devilhunterx3570d ago

Must be using the XBL "servers"

MerkinMax3570d ago

And you wonder why you are down to 3 bubbles...

doomteam13570d ago

Omg Microsoft just like any other company tries to make sure nothing they bring out has any mistakes. They just didn't think everyone and thier mothers would be downloading Windows 7.

I hate mircrosoft haters. They only hate because mircosoft is a big business. If you hate Microsoft so much go use linux. Don't touch Microsoft products just use linux. I thought so you cant go a day without using Microsoft.

They are in charge of Millions upon millions of users. And if one thing goes wrong everyone attacks them.

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The story is too old to be commented.