dreamGEAR offers quad controller chargers

Video game accessories maker dreamGEAR debuted this week a rather innovative charger for Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 controllers. It is called the Quad Dock series and models for each gaming console platform will be available this month.

The dreamGEAR Quad Docks feature four charging wells and custom LED charging indicators that signal when the controllers are dead, charging, or fully charged. The PS3 Quad Dock Pro has the capability to charge up to four Dual Shock 3 controllers at once, while the Xbox 360 Quad Dock Pro charges up to four Xbox 360 rechargeable battery packs.

The Quad Dock Plus model for Wii charges as well up to four Wii remotes and includes a bonus dock for four rechargeable AA batteries, which can be used to power the Wii Fit Board. Prices on these chargers range from around $30 to $40.

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MAR-TYR-DOM4202d ago

especially when u can charge you controller anywhere that has a usb slot. Im charging two right now from my tower.

TheTimeDoctor4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

i love my 4 controller charger. it looks badass and its set away from my tv and ps3. everytime one of these products pop up some schmuck like you has some bullshit comment. you people just don't get it. we all know you can use any usb port, im sorry you can't afford an inexpensive and very useful device. freaking poor people; who let you melon farmers on the interweb.

LinuxGuru4202d ago

Regardless, timedoctor, it's needless waste of money, when you could just buy 4 cheap-o USB cords and plug them into your nearest computer of PS3.

Yeah so it looks good, but I can get a pack of USB cables for far less than 30 or 40 dollars.