Wii Sex: The Game

From the official description: "A guy's girlfriend is holding back sex from him so he has no choice but to use his interactive Wii Sex game." So no, anyone thinking that this was about Wii consoles having sex with each other is sadly mistaken.

Watch it.

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Cookigaki4705d ago

Games need more sex. Average gamer is around 30, so why not?

Twizlex4705d ago

I totally agree. Yes, maybe I'm just a pervert, but there is a huge market for it. And since there are so many adult gamers, why aren't there any adult games?

Milk is for Babies4705d ago

Maybe you should move to Japan. Most of their PC games are porn.

Cookigaki4705d ago

But most of them are censored. Even regular porn is censored. Cookigaki doesn't understand why there is so much of it but it is all censored. Why even make it then?

Milk is for Babies4705d ago

Well, for the games at least you can sometimes find patches that remove the blur. The real stuff though, yeah I don't know why they even make it.

Twizlex4705d ago

Because Asian chicks are hot even when you can't see their vaginas.

Cookigaki4705d ago

Cookigaki agrees so hard with that statement. Mad bubbles for Twizlex.

f7897904705d ago

I want to play game, not jack off.

FrankenLife4705d ago

This video is old, but it is still hilarious. I would like for some indy developer to take this idea and run with it.

JoySticksFTW4704d ago

That's what fists and intimidation are for.

Kidding... Kidding... ;P

ReBurn4704d ago

Average gamer is around 30 so why not? I can tell you why not. Because it's exceedingly pathetic.

Sarcasm4704d ago

I prefer real sex with real women.

Lombax4704d ago

I want to play game, and jack off.


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Vault Boy4705d ago

On topic, I thought the video was pretty funny.

Twizlex4705d ago

Me too. I like the line they pointed out "If I don’t keep going, I can’t save."

Nostradavis4705d ago

I want to see more stuff like this. The every day gaming news is getting old.

Vault Boy4705d ago

I'm just gonna throw this out there: Wii sucks! So much unrealized potential...

h0tz0rz4705d ago

Shut up, Wii is awesome! But I do agree there is a lot of unrealized potential. Come on, Nintendo!

h0tz0rz4705d ago

As a girl gamer I would agree that there should be more sexy in games. It doesn't have to be just boobs and stuff but I really do think people would enjoy it.

Panthers4705d ago

They could release another plastic accessory or 2 for the Wii along with the game!

Dont know what they would call it since the console is already called the Wii.

bobbylii4704d ago

i like that. You're so creative and have a good sense of humour. That was funny

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