IGN: Star Ocean: The Last Hope Reader Interview

IGN writes: "Back in December, we put out the call for reader questions for Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Shortly thereafter, our email inbox was flooded. We received hundreds upon hundreds of questions and did our best to sort the pile into the most asked and most interesting queries. In other words, we're sorry if your question didn't make the cut. We're not sorry about the responses the Star Ocean: The Last Hope development team gave, though. This extensive question and answer session covers everything from hopes for a PlayStation 3 port to hopping into an established franchise without playing the past games. Enjoy.

[This question was asked over 100 times] In the past the Star Ocean series has been known to be a Sony systems (PlayStation(s)) game only. With the fairly recent announcement of Final Fantasy XIII coming to the Xbox 360, do we have any chance of seeing Star Ocean 4 made for the PlayStation 3?

Star Ocean Dev Team: There are currently no plans for a PlayStation 3 version."

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panasonic233570d ago

ahahahhahahhahahhhahahah only on 360 baby

Gue13570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

the graphics are amazing. so colorful and pretty.

3570d ago
No3570d ago

Xbox360 is the only true next-gen console which can show the full potential of Star Ocean: The Last Hope which could not have been possible on ps3.

illuminatus_V3570d ago

I hope the graphics has get some more polish compared to UI and some of the slow-downs during massive combats are eliminated. Nice to hear that you have only 7 characters instead of all the characters you had in IU. As far as I know the battle system should be better than in IU (that connect skill thing was really annoying). If they have learnt all their lessons from IU than SO4 will be an awesome JRPG. I hoping in same quality like Lost Odyssey was!