Sucker Punch "Hopes To Do" a Demo For inFamous

During a video interview with Jeff Rubenstein of the PlayStation Blog, Sucker Punch co-found Brian Fleming said that Sucker Punch "hopes to do" a demo for their upcoming PlayStation 3 title, inFamous.

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Hellsvacancy3663d ago

Demos should be mandatory in my opinion when devs dont release demos it makes me think there trying to hide summin

Cajun Chicken3663d ago

Its an in depth sandbox game!

Was there a full demo for Crackdown?

dannyhinote_133663d ago


There was/is a Crackdown demo.

Cajun Chicken3663d ago

I'm impressed, I did not know that, anyway, in real context along the lines that I meant, GTAIV or Saints Row 1&2 didn't have a demo...or did they?

Anyway, I personally think that sandbox games aren't due to have a demo due to the fact the game IS the sandbox and to close the sandbox up into smaller areas with a invisible wall wouldn't be the game, if you know what I mean. Would basically be a bit pointless.

I really don't think sandbox games have to have a demo and I never really expect one.

meepmoopmeep3662d ago

i agree, demos should be for every game...

BUT... for an open world game it's not as easy

HighDefinition3662d ago

The 1st Saint`s Row had a demo, I`m pretty sure.

It would be wise for SUCKERPUNCH to do this.

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Roper3163663d ago

Sony will probably want us to buy that stupid Qore to get the demo though so I probably won't be playing the demo for that very reason.

avsrule3663d ago

Even if they do put it on Qore, it'll probably be released some time after what's the big deal?

LeonSKennedy4Life3662d ago

I bought Qore JUST for the F.E.A.R. 2 demo yesterday...only to find that we can't download it until everyone else can.

_Q_3663d ago

already did. Gamespot had this covered yesterday

thewesker3663d ago

blah blah this endsights site kinda sucks i dunno

T-Baggins3663d ago

I hope they do, just so I cant get the feel of it before its released

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