Rumor Killers: Assassin's Creed 2

Welcome to a special edition of TGR's Rumor Killers. In this edition TGR are not looking at multiple rumors, but focusing on one game specifically. That game is Assassins Creed 2.

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cain1413573d ago

I care. I want to see a sequel...

Cwalat3573d ago

I do, apart from others.. i loved Assassins Creed.

Felt like.. MGS mixed with Prince of Persia.

This is one of my favorite games, and i can't believe they are not doing a sequel.. Fu***k them

chaosatom3573d ago

There is nothing to do in the game. The story is interesting but gameplay is so boring.

It's was ok, the first couple of times, but you have to do it 9 times. it was a waste of 30 bucks for me.

Although I can see that there is potential but a whole new environment would suit the game.

Caxtus7503573d ago

Ironically Rumour Killers have done nothing but created a rumour.

I am looking forward to this game but this was a wasted read.

Cwalat3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

chaosatom -

i do agree that they did make repetetive gameplay aspects...

But what they did, they did good.. really good..

and that is, bring free roam aspect and exploration aspect to the antient world and cities, mission based assasination gameplay, an excellent spy implement... (as mgs)

Agree that it needs improvements. but what game doesn't?
If they fix these issues... like framedrops, repetetive gameplay, flat storyline.. then the sequel could pretty much be one of the greatest games in 09...

Freak of Nature3573d ago

I agree with Cwalat.Bubbles to him/her.....Plus he/she brings up some very good points...

To me the game was a "flawed masterpiece"....

To add what Cwalat mentioned I would love to see the addition of "co-op".And while I am making out my wish-list how about some MGS type stealth to go with what they already had...

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Hellsvacancy3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

The first game had so much potential lets hope they learn from there mistakes just like guerilla did with the first Killzone

Edit. Infact i really liked the first game it did get borin but i never got bored of hacking and slashing my way through the enemies, im all for ultra violence

Nineball21123573d ago

Yeah, it was repetitive as hell, but it was still a fun game and I think AC2 will correct those mistakes in the first.

Mikelarry3573d ago

assassins creed repetive but it still was interesting to finish cant wait for AC2

James Abels3573d ago

Yea, AC2 should be pretty interesting, break up all the shooters that have been coming out.

ihaten4glol3573d ago

Yeah, as long as they take out some of the horrendous repetition of the first game, the second could be great.

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The story is too old to be commented.