Blu-ray discs seen as bright spot in glum season

The Blu-ray disc, the high-definition successor to the DVD, was one of the few products that did well in the just-ended holiday season, with sales tripling from the previous year.

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kapedkrusader3569d ago

...After investing millions of dollars and dropping hundreds more per console to acquire a 20 million plus fan base. Sony, in the eve of Killzone 2, God of War 3, etc. Is killing the PS3. This news comes to no surprise to the media and PS3 owners alike. On a side story, Sony's Blu-ray department has also called it quits. Their Chief of Operations stated, "We just wanted to kill HD-DVD. We feel we have acomplished that." Microsoft followers are rioting the streets in a frenzy, not from joy, but from boredom. Now that the PS3 is out of the race, they don't know what to do with their free time.

ultimolu3569d ago

This article will now be followed by another article: 'Bluray is Sony closing shop on the PS3?'

Gotta love the doom n' gloomers.

Bluray is here to stay.


jacking up the sales figures.....damn you sony blu ray is dead.....*******sarcasm******

DD we need DD