CES: 100 high-def movies on a stamp-sized chip?

Imagine storing 100 movies in glorious high-definition on a card the size of a postage stamp, then calling them up instantaneously for viewing on your cellphone whenever and wherever you like.

That could happen within five years, according to the SD Association, a trade group that brings together more than 1,100 technology companies from SanDisk Corp to Hewlett-Packard Co and sets interoperable memory card standards.

Consumers will be able to store as many as 100 high-definition movies on a stamp-sized memory card and retrieve them with devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras, according to the promoters of the next-generation SD card technology.

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creeping judas3659d ago

XBOX720's new media for game storage?? Instead of selling games on disk, they will now be sold on SD cards. Going full circle to almost cartridge type games.

Captain Tuttle3659d ago

Or downloadable over Live via a Steam-like service.