7.2 Sonic Unleashed Review: Cartoony Crap Or Classy Act?

DkPatriarch writes:

Sonic is the immortal gaming icon who cannot die, it would seem. His latest outings have been poor but he has been kept alive by both his fame and the party Olympic and tennis games that feature his blue spiky hide.
Now we have a new fully 'Sonic' game called Unleashed and the question is will it revive past glory, or will it sink the hedgehog closer toward inglorious termination. The answer is…well, yes he'll survive, but if he wants to be a star again, he'll have to reinvent himself. And I don't mean with a new haircut.

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Eiffel3568d ago

God this game blowed donkey d!ck.

Sonic is dead.

Snow3568d ago

Yep.Not so much as dead..but slowly,painfully dieing a horrible death.

XboxOZ3603568d ago

It did seem to engage the writer and his family though, so I suppose it has some qualities for those who have never really played it before (younger gamers).

But for those who have grown up with him (Sonic) it is getting rather long in the tooth.