Pixar's Up PSP game has been rated for PS5, but fans say there are better titles in Sony's Vault

Disney Pixar's PSP title, Up, is coming to PlayStation's Classics Catalogue. That's according to Gematsu, which noted that the 2009 adventure game had recently popped up in Taiwan and was rated for PS4 and PS5 by the Taiwanese ratings board.

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The 5 best games on PlayStation Plus Premium that make subscribing worth it

The PS5 is an incredible console, and if you're lucky enough to have one, or have just received one for Christmas then you'll already know there is a host of great games out there.

What you may not be aware of is that if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium, you'll actually get access to a huge catalogue of titles to play at any time. Many of which you can stream without having to do any downloads. If you have a PlayStation Portal you could even play these titles from your bed.

Abnor_Mal48d ago

Damn the only one I’ve played so far is Miles Morales, although I do own Control and Rift Apart.

DeusFever48d ago

Odd list. Where is Horizon Forbidden West? Ghost of Tsushima? Demon’s Souls? Returnal? And fun indie games like Superliminal? Where’s “A Plage Tale Requiem” and “Evil West”, the current PS+ Essential offerings?

Exvalos36d ago

Evil west is underrated I'm having a really good time playing it.

juniorpop47d ago

Like seriously? Those are games Extra Tier can get - so not worth upgrading to Premium


PS Plus Is Finally Delivering Solid Titles, And I Hope Sony Keeps It That Way

from eXputer "After the price hike, PS Plus suffered heavy damage, which it seems to be making amends for, but the question is, will this quality continue?"

Crows9049d ago

Wait...ps plus has been decent many months of the past year. January is no exception. Even ps plus worst month is better than alternatives.

49d ago
Rockstar49d ago


This looks to be a pretty ironic comment looking through your comment history.
You seem to be quite the fanboy yourself.

Pot, meet kettle...

S2Killinit48d ago

Pretty much confirmed by the numbers.

1nsomniac49d ago

What are you guys talking about!? PS+ has been seen widely by the vast majority as being very poor since the price increase. Take a look at their official blog or any PS+ thread, to see that a good 90% has been people complaining about how bad it has been since the price increase.

Honestly the state of some of you people. They flashed GTA5 at you (a 13 year old game) and all of a sudden you turned skirts and 180’d. All of a sudden it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Pathetic.

Rocketisleague49d ago

Ah its been 2 good months. More than likely it will drop off again because this has happened multiple times for the last 3 years

49d ago
shinoff218349d ago

That month with all those rpgs a bit ago was fantastic. People gotta realize not every game is gonna be tailored to them. I don't much care for the stuff this month but I won't knock it. Don't knock it till you try it, I have other stuff to play so I'm not trying it therefore not knocking

Abnor_Mal49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Are they talking about PS Essential and comparing it to Gamepass?

BeHunted49d ago

Game Pass will soon have all the games from Activision Blizzard, and the upcoming Call of Duty game this year might be available on Game Pass from the first day.

shinoff218349d ago

They will put the most popular games from Activision and blizzard on there. Shame though cause I haven't really liked an Activision game since those superhero rpgs they did back on ps3 and 360. O ultimate alliance. They might throw a few bones of some old school games from when Activision actually tried stuff but cod, the newer Tony hawks , I can't even think of anything else , I'm good on those.

purple10149d ago

Phil Spencer “just wait “

Also just wait for the price increase
Cos that’s coming as soon as cod drops

Reaper22_49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

It's still better than ps plus without Activision Blizzard games.

I remember back when game pass was first starting playstation fans said sony doesn't need a service like that. I guess the times have changed...lol

Einhander197248d ago


"I remember back when game pass was first starting playstation fans said sony doesn't need a service like that. I guess the times have changed...lol"

You miss the point.

What people were against was the day one games because they can't bring in the type of revenue needed to support game development because they knew people would stop buying games,

For example there is about a zero percent chance that Starfield has made back the costs of an 8 year dev cycle on less than 3m sales which were the majority were Steam. And reporting tells us that subscription membership across the board are down or at best flat so an argument can't even be made that Starfield pulled in anywhere close to the number of people needed to sustain the type of budgets games like this require. Interestingly Microsoft has since stopped reporting subscription numbers and staff no longer get bonuses based on subscription growth.

Also keep in mind PlayStation already had a Subscription PlayStation Now, and that PlayStation had been giving out games on a subscription since PS3.

RedDevils48d ago

Tbh I haven't play a single Activision game for at least a decade now, I wouldn't notice if suddenly it disappear from the gaming world.

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The3faces49d ago

Gamepass destroys ps plus but yeah keep trying to convince yourself otherwise lol.

SyntheticForm49d ago

I honestly think that PC gaming is superior to both in this regard. I think the larger up front cost is offset by so many things.

andy8549d ago

It doesn't though does it. Day one games absolutely. Overall quality and price absolutely not

Barlos49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

GP and PS+ are fine if you never want to own your games.

Personally I prefer to drop money on the games I want to own, not a rental service.