Playstation Blog: CES 2009: inFamous inTerview & New Video

After seeing the Sony Booth tour, you should already know what we're showing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Now it's time to dive deeper into inFamous - and dive off of buildings. In this interview with Sucker Punch co-founder Brian Fleming, he'll discuss new plot points revealed at CES, and you'll see new gameplay video that shows just how much fun it's going to be to get the drop on your enemies.

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MGOelite3571d ago

the begginign bit where cole jumps of the bulding looks great, liking the look of thoese plasma grenades as well

Cwalat3571d ago

Assassins Creed + New electric weaponry + City + Deep story
.... Preorder.....

T-Baggins3571d ago

I agree looks great, I hope the choice to be good or bad is very in depth thought because a lot of games say it but none of them have e succeeded very well.