That Gaming Site: 10 Titles to Look Out For In 2009

That Gaming Site writes: "With 2009 gracing us with its presence, we look into the not so distant future and think about the joys of gaming in 2009. In anticipation for the wait..."

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Xandet3571d ago

with some lesser-known games. Nice to see some journalists think at least a little outside the hype box.

Elven63571d ago

Heh yup that's true, some really decent titles are developed/released but never talked about which is a shame.

PS360WII3571d ago

Yeah an okay list but This is Vegas? Really?

Elven63570d ago

It looks interesting, it's taking a super comical approach to the sand box genre. The fighting system is a prime example of that.

raiden_933570d ago

I don't really get what is special about Wheelman, only time will tell...

Elven63570d ago

Well as of late Vin Diesel has had a better career with games then has with his movies. Driver was a great game, adding in gameplay elements of Gears of War in a sandbox game seems like it could work really well. If it gets great reviews I'm sure that's all they will need to start pushing copies and to convince nay sayers.